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BeheadTheFrog wrote:In the end, I imagine, something really terrible.

It probably wouldnt take too long to start to feel disconnected with these weak and stupid humans who cant even do something simple like shoot lazer beams out of their eyes. So, I’d probably end up blowing up the entire world to build a brand new one in my own image. But once I’ve committed genocide on such a massive scale, why would I be bothered if I did it a few more times for my own amusement? And why build back humanity as it was when they cant even magic a 7 course meal out of thin air? Why bring anything back or create anything that didnt amuse or please me at all? I’d just bring things back to play around with them and blow them up again. And then I’d go insane with loneliness, so yes, I would bring humanity back, exactly as it was before the First Big Boom. But when I do bring it back I cant understand anyone any more... I cant connect with anyone... everyone feels so small and pointless. What is the point of them living? THEY dont even know. They will all be dead in 100 years and I will still be here, with their stupid mortal offspring. What is the effing point??
So blow them up again.
Now I’m just floating, floating through space, I could fly but I dont have anywhere to go so I may as well just float. No one can see me anyway, no one is left, and if they were I would probably just blow them up anyways. So, what is the point? What is the point of the universe? So, I blow up the entire universe and then there is nothing. Only me. I’m so angry, so sad, so alone. I try to scream but there is no air, nothing for sound waves to interact with. I cant even float any more. I cant even do anything.
The end.

Are you German or believe in Calvinism? Too many thoughts that are similar to that guy...what is his name? Schopenhauer or something....
skinster wrote:^ that post by the frog-beheader did make me laugh. :D

It made me laugh too Skinster. But it is a dark world he paints. I had dark thoughts sometimes but since my little boy was born....everything is coming up roses. Hope, love, future, beauty and greatness are my mottos now!

I only want LOVE. For you skinstercita, for everyone. I want you to fall madly in love with someone and think your life is never going to be the same. All your ideas and hopes and dreams come true, you live the best life you ever dreamed of living....AMOR....

That is for me having a great infinite power.....for everyone to have only beautiful and good things for themselves and for others as their ultimate goal in life!

Lots of kisses and love for you too Skinstercita!! ;)
I would not use the power at all. I would die without ever using it.

I would use the power, but only in such a way that no-one knew I possessed it. So far so good; no-one suspects a thing.... :up:
I will make an account on a political forum somewhere on Internet with user name fuser and pretend to be an Indian communist..... Oh, wait............... :eek:
Surprisingly little, as far as subjugation is concerned. I've found that as my level of responsibility increases (eg in business lording over others) the more serious and egalitarian I become. I guess this is a coping mechanism for a healthy mind, when it comes to bearing the burden of many hopes and dreams. I suspect I would make a benevolent dictator. I would also build a giant space ship.
Only one wish?

If I had two wishes, theynwould be to give everyone access to enough clean water to live comfortably, and to recreate existing industrial technologies somthat they do not pollute or require finite resources.

But if I only have one wish, I would have to go with making reality into a musical. Get yer dancin’ shoes on, everyone!
I would run around screwing up people’s lives for awhile and then commit suicide from infinite boredom that infinite power gives. Basically, the same thing the rich and powerful do now.
I'd probably just hang out as mostly an observer of the world and maybe help out a few people here and there.

If I enforced my moral code, ideology, or whatever with infinite power the world would become stagnant. Though it's tempting to right wrongs and enforce what I believe to be correct I suspect that even if I were correct society would become some terrible saccharine dystopia without some kind of struggle.

I'd put a ton of limits on what I could or couldn't do so that society could progress and people would have free will and such. Also so that people didn't become dependent on me.

I would however use my power to become quite well off so that I could go through eternity rather comfortably in secret.

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