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Rich wrote:Traditional tribalism a slave religion. Its a form of genetic expression. It encourages the independence and autonomy of the individual but enforces commitment to the tribe, the necessary collective needed to defend the oragnisms liberty. though its vigorous but sophisticated tribalism allowed man to survive the millennia as a collective identity and as individuals in considerable numbers.

Hitler like St Paul and maybe the Buddha I suspect of being a homosexual. Hitler like St Paul created an ideology to cover up their failures as traditional men" and reinvent themselves as Heroes.
Is this your idea of 'trolling,' or a shallow Freudian examination of Joseph Campbell's heroic journey?
not being interested in women saves a lot of energy that can be channelled into other fanatical pursuits.
Not being interested in women saves a lot of energy that can be channeled into other fanatical pursuits, like Pofo.
Hitler characterised the Jews as umanly cowards incapable of fighting, but saw Islam as a warrior religion. Well Israel has put paid to that nonsense.
Rich characterized Hitler as being homosexual, but saw Judaism as national socialism. Well RT has put paid to that nonsense.
Israel has been wonderful to behold as it has completely smashed the stereotype of the Jew as incapable of fighting. The Jews routed the Muslims as the Christians did over the preceding two centuries.
RT has been wonderful to behold as he has completely smashed the stereotype of Rich as incapable of saying something insightful.

I don't have problem with Jews being Jewish supremacist, were not the Incas and the Aztecs supremacist racists? and what of the Zulus, the Apache or the Mohawk. And don't get me started on the Papa New Guineans. I have a problem with White Europeans being Jewish supremacists. If Jews have the right to a Jewish State for a Jewish people, why do we not have the right to our own states.
Yes, humans like to superficially divide 'things,' because leaders/rulers like to superficially control 'things.' The human race will continue to struggle with the rear-view mirror while myths create the illusion of separation. Growing pains will be painful, you know. Eventually, the biology/ecology of unified 'being' will triumph over the physical appearance of separation. In-other words, humans shall fully-realize how interconnected everything must be.

Racism is entirely normal. If we do have creator then its his fault. That's the thing I could never get about Christianity, why is God always whining about Human beings. Well God you invented us. How Old are you God? At least 4000 years old and that's a conservative estimate. Isn't it about time you took some responsibility for your own creation. I have no interest in Christian sin or in the SJW secular version.
Subjective diatribe with no respect for life. Humans have free-will, free-will is a learning mechanism. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is madness. Racism is the result of ignorance and free-will. Tribalism is a form of defense for an insecure collective. The evolution process uses involuntary and voluntary competition to force people to exercise free-will, each choice ripples throughout space-time and gives us this moment we're sharing. We learn from each other, 'normal' is the interpretation of the activity of our free-will and and its 'ripples.' Genetic principles create disposition, but a healthy mind may attempt to circumnavigate genetic disposition and incrementally modify individual characteristics. Attention and intention to the process of each ripple will unveil racism as a survival instinct.

Did not Caesar complain he was victimised by the Senate before he crossed the Tiber. And then Brutus and Cassius whined in their turn that they had been oppressed by Caesar.
Yes, solipsistic entities are designed to think the world revolves round their existence. The victim complex excuses self-reflection. Self-realization may be the end result of self-reflection. 'I' in the most worldly sense is always a compilation of external interactions, without self-reflection, an individual's concept of self or 'I' must be constructed by the milieu. In many cases, the totality of a personality may believe in its space-time circumstance and thus can become a self-fulfilling expression.
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