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The conversation starts with the definition of racism (4:30) as defined by 'Chris Matthews': "Racism is the belief that one race - whites - should rule all others."

The black woman immediately starts conflating racism with 'institutional racism', which is clearly a different concept, hence the qualifier 'institutional'. The imprecise language-use by left-liberals in the USA could have various explanations. Chiefly amongst these are that they're either ignorant or intentionally changes commonly accepted definitions to suit their own political agendas.

Another funny bit was Shapiro claiming that libertarianism would have prevented the Jim Crow laws from existing in the first place. :lol: Not certain what his entire argument was, but it struck me as particularly amusing, given the amoral aspects of libertarian 'free market' concepts.
Here is an example of how racism in real world.
Racism can arrive in a considerable measure of structures. Here and there it is plain, now and again it is inconspicuous. Outside of online networking where a few people feel safe to share their extremist perspectives, cases of unmistakable bigotry are less regular these days. Most people – of all races – are essentially not supremacist. That is recently the truth. We've made a ton of steps in the previous couple of decades. However, that is something worth being thankful for.
Undoubtedly, in certain socio-political circles and particularly in online custom assignment help discussions, it is very pervasive. A specific level of Americans are either supremacist to their center, or harbor profound wells of bias. What's more, in the last case, they regularly won't perceive their more profound driving forces. Indeed, the lion's share of extremists would likely contend that they are not bigot if faced about this issue straightforwardly. They'd simply assert they don't care for PC culture, or snowflakes/Liberals whimpering, or whatever the popular expression may happen to be at the time. It couldn't be any more obvious, there are in fact socio-political meanings here.

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