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Published on Feb 29, 2012

Louis Farrakhan BANNED from Britain

Published on Jul 18, 2013

Farrakhan explains why Trump became President

Minister Louis Farrakhan Addressing DONALD TRUMP


Louis Farrakhan is an Uncle Tom....

Literally..... for Tom Cruise.....

More selling out:

Hindsite he has lost his credibility on speaking out on issues like that.

He sold out the NOI to David Miscavige.
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Godstud wrote:So what? Morons are always calling Obama a Muslim. They're both wrong, and stupid.

Farrakhan goes one further. He sold out the NOI to LRH's nutty group of pasty white people who believe in the galactic overlord Xenu(once they get to OT3 at least).

https://tonyortega.org/2017/02/20/louis ... s-in-hard/
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Godstud wrote:Xenu's real! Wrestling's not fake! :lol:

I never thought there would ever be a day when an NOI would be preaching about the book called Dianetics and getting all his followers to read it, use E-Meters and call L Ron Hubbard a hero for black men, but alas that day came in 2010....
L Ron Hubbard was good at science fiction, and made a book that morons took for real, when it was simply another science fiction novel about how stupid religion is. He probably invented it on a dare. :lol:
Just to be clear - Hindsite is favourably posting videos of Louis Farrakhan? Who knew Obama was so awful that his very existence would unite crusty old racists and militant black nationalists? :lol:
Obama had the nearly supernatural power to be both a politically moderate intelligent man hell bent on working with people who despised him and being hated as an extreme commie leftist/far right war monger/spawn of Satan.
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