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Maxine Waters is on the list of corrupt members of congress since 2005 by U.S. government ethics and accountability watchdog (CREW).

Rep. Waters has close financial ties to OneUnited Bank, one of the largest black-owned
banks in the country.
In March 2004, she and her husband, Sidney Williams, each separately
bought OneUnited stock worth between $250,001 and $500,000. Additionally, Mr. Williams
maintained separate holdings at OneUnited worth between $250,001 and $500,000. In
September 2004, Rep. Waters sold her stock in OneUnited, and her husband sold a portion of his
valued between $250,001 and $500,000. That same year, Mr. Williams joined the bank’s board,
a position he retained until April 21, 2008. In addition, Mr. Williams owned 3,500 shares of
OneUnited preferred stock and 476 shares of the bank’s common stock, the value of which was approximately $350,000 in June 2008.

If OneUnited failed, the stock would have been worthless. On or about September 8, 2008, Rep. Waters asked then-Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson to hold a meeting with minority-owned banks to discuss losses they suffered after the
government placed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into conservatorship.
10 The subsequent
September 9th meeting included several senior Treasury officials, but representatives of just a
single bank – OneUnited.11 One attendee, OneUnited’s senior counsel Robert Cooper, was then
also the incoming chair of the National Bankers Association (NBA), a trade association
representing minority-owned banks.12 Rep. Waters’ chief of staff and grandson, Mikael Moore,
also attended.13

Kevin Cohee, chief executive officer of OneUnited, and Mr. Cooper used the meeting as
an opportunity to request bailout funds.
14 In a subsequent email, Mr. Cooper specifically
requested more than $40 million from Treasury to compensate the bank for losses.15 At the time,
the department lacked the legislative authority to bail out the bank.16 Former Bush White House
officials said they were surprised when OneUnited officials asked for bailout funds because they
understood the meeting had been arranged to discuss the losses minority-owned banks endured
when the federal government took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.17

In December 2008, Rep. Waters intervened again, asking Treasury to host another
meeting to ensure minority-owned banks received part of the $700 billion allocated under the
Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).18 The second meeting focused on minority-owned
banks in general, though a OneUnited official was present.19 On December 19, 2008, OneUnited
secured $12.1 million in bailout funds.20

Rep. Waters did not disclose her financial ties to OneUnited to Treasury officials when
she requested meetings between regulators and bank officials.21 A former Bush administration
official who helped set up the initial meeting stated, “[Learning of the connection] was upsetting
to me. This is something that was potentially politically explosive and embarrassing to the administration. They should have at least let us know.”
22 Treasury officials claimed that
although OneUnited also requested a meeting with regulators regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie
Mac losses, it was not until the congresswoman intervened that the Treasury Department
approved the initial meeting.23

Further, sometime in early September 2008, around the same time Rep. Waters asked the
Treasury Department to hold the initial meeting, Rep. Waters spoke to Rep. Barney Frank (DMA)
about OneUnited and the fact that Mr. Williams previously had served on the board.24 Rep.
Frank advised her to stay out of matters related to OneUnited because of her husband’s ties to the
bank.25 Nevertheless, despite Rep. Frank’s advice, Mr. Moore continued to actively assist
OneUnited representatives in their quest to receive bailout funds, and worked to craft legislation
authorizing Treasury to grant OneUnited’s request.

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‘The View’ was discussing Waters comments. Their guest was a Black woman Republican commentator for CNN who said, “Republicans are cult like sycophants”. Apparently, this is who CNN hires to give the Republican view. See a problem?
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