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Meet the latest 'mouthy ethnic lady' stereotype on CNN. (Apparently, she's been around a lot longer since I've noticed her, but that's alright, as who really watches CNN?)

Move to 2:17 to catch her 'mouthy ethnic lady' moment. She was so loud, her screeching overwhelmed the technical capacity of the microphone. :lol: :knife:

Their 'geostrategic analysis' of the Khashoggi situation was, incidentally, superficial garbage of the lowest order. This truly is a case of 'the blind leading the blind'. Utterly pathetic. Just appalling. The CNN host is also a complete and utter joke. Typical 'Goldilocks' strategy, where he's supposed to be the voice of reason, while to his left and right you'll find the 'extremes' for this case of amateur hour juxtaposition. Except, this dude is completely incompetent.
What a circus.

Chris Cuomo even though he supposed to be the voice of reason he is far from it. He is as radical as that lady losing it on live tv. The only guy making sense here is the one on the right. He made a point that the journalist is not an American, Cuome then retorted by saying, "are you saying we value other lives more then?". What all people of the world are American citizens? It is the globalist way the left thinks.

No wonder they think a country's border is just an imaginary line on the map and open border policy is a cool thing. The people must feel really enlightened. Truly forward thinkers.

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