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The number of Californians planning on leaving the state seems to be increasing year on year, with apparently over 50% average across the state now planning to leave at some point in the future.

When I was a young boy in California, quality of life was still #1 out of 50 states. It continues to be #50 out of 50 today.

Where I am in Hong Kong, life is also hard for many people but that doesn't mean that most people want to leave. The situation is not mere overpopulation, it is bad management by leftist politicians.

The one thing I disagree with in this video is that "financial capitalism" is to blame. Capitalism tends to make a convenient scapegoat for everything but it's not going anywhere since as I saw @Rancid write, it's probably best described as a sort of emergent property of human economic activity. We've had bankers in some form or another since at least the beginning of the use of currency, everyone does it, it's not going away any time soon.
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