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This is absolutely insane.

UPDATE: YouTube has notified me of a privacy complaint against this video, and that they may remove it in 48 hours upon review. This video does not violate the privacy guidelines because A) There is nothing in the audio which makes them uniquely identifiable, B) This video is protected under 'newsworthiness', as it has already been covered by numerous news outlets and media figures and has almost 500 thousand views, C) This took place inside of a public institution where this professor does not have the expectation of privacy, and D) Utah is a one-party consent state.
The professor's the one who needs to be shit-canned...

Oh no doubt. But the blithering idiot who let this person teach this rot should go too. And, oh by the way, I would take out the department head too. The only way to stop ignorant racist fucks like this so-called professor from having the opportunity to pollute the brains of our kids is to hold the whole administration to account for them. Every business owner knows that they are responsible for the actions of their employees.
This shits wild :lol:

Looking at the video, it initially almost seemed like an extreme scepticism but it wasn't even that as he spoke of only his personal experience of something being the basis of his knowing what is true or not but making statements that his lack of experience of it was proof of it's nonexistence which is just stupid.
This is worse than what I expect from someone just dipping their toes into sceptical philosophy from the get go. It just doesn't even make coherent sense.
Like relying on other people's experiences of things one hasn't personally experienced is assertedly colonialism :knife:

Even the attempt to defend him in the guys of devils advocate or playing a position which he doesn't believe really hold up as someone who is a devils advocate is meant to actually challenge and advance points not just make nonsense out of them.
This would train someone to become a better debater as such a person would presumably simply lose for not making a coherent argument at all.
In Hegel view, the state would expect that its professors teach the truth. We need not conclude that this will threaten academic freedom. Even if the state were a paradigm of respect for academic freedom, it would still assume, at least, that its professors did not knowingly and systematically teach falsehood. Even further, Hegel would hold, it will also expect these professors to know the truth, at the very least, in the sense that it would be fraudulent for the university to hire professors who have not undergone the proper training and engaged in serious study, whose only credentials were that they were enthusiastic about their opinions and sincere in their intentions. So when the university hires professors of engineering or art it does not merely expect them like Honest Consciousness to try their best. It expects them to actually be able to build real bridges and paint real paintings and to teach others how to do so. We hold professors responsible for actually doing these things, not just for trying. So also we expect the university to give its students an education that will (assuming a just society) t them for life in the state, prepare them for a vocation, and give them the moral and scientic knowledge needed for these purposes. We expect this at least in the sense that were the university systematically to fail to do so we would conclude that it was not functioning properly. The law has a right to require more than that the university try. It is expected to succeed.
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Interesting case . I think that the professor's behavior is characteristic of a cult mentality . As the student presenting the video pointed out , the position he was presented with was characteristic of solipsism , but also I feel that it is suspiciously reminiscent of this group in Philadelphia , called MOVE . But what really sets the professor apart as being a would be cult leader is his use of loaded language . , , To give a fictional satirical illustration of this , here is a video .
And while I also feel that the student in question engaged in his own sort of loaded language , by referring to " cultural Marxism " , similarly to how the professor used the term " whiteness " , in order to reinforce his own black vs. white thinking , which also falls under the BITE Model . But I believe that what the student needs is someone to challenge his preconceived biases by helping him to think critically , not by imposing his own intellectual outlook upon those under his position of influence , the way this professor did . It sort of reminds me of what Jane Elliott has been doing , only what this professor / debate coach did was not a scripted exercise .
In closing , I do not believe that students should be forcibly subjected to such psychological abuse by a person in authority , whom seemingly is part of a racist based political cult . ,
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