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No dear, it was not "the media" that strangulated yet another Black person, it was a racist police officer accompanied by a bunch of other racists.

It was not "the media" that produced a fake autopsy report that blamed "underlying health causes" for the strangulation of a Black man in order to protect the nazi pig that committed the murder and give these nazi pigs a pass to commit such murders with impunity.

It was not "the media" that arrested the Black CNN reporter just for reporting live. There was a white racist asshole giving orders. And on top of all these people you have a racist President stoking the flames of racism and you have white racists underneath worshipping him for it. And then you have racists like Tucker trying to change the subject and distract from the cold reality.

But enough is enough. This kind of racism, even the subtle one, the one that is here to distract, even that should be outed and confronted. And it shall.
These riots are only tangentially about Floyd. The left-regressive media have seized this opportunity to undermine the Trump presidency by fanning the flames of racial hysteria. The circumstances were ideal due to the collective pent up frustration of economically beleaguered communities coming out of a mismanaged post-lock up period thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is also circumstantial evidence that Floyd and the officer knew each other (both worked at the same club as security), which could possibly place this in the area of personal grievances and abuse of power.
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