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Hi guys, I just read this really inspiring and insightful article about the current situation in Libya, the death of the US ambassador and what the majority of Muslims think about the situation and unrest in Pakistan. Really worth a read and I am trying to share it because I think as many people as possible should read this! Please share on FB and Twitter and help me get this message across. The article is at ... -offended/
Why should they not be offended? Well, for starters: what difference does it make for someone who is not a Muslim to say what ever they please about the Muslim prophet? It’s irrelevant anyway. But Muslim’s show a deep insecurity in their overreaction to critics.

At the end of the article the writer is sickened, not just by the murders, but by those who “incited” the murders. Only Muslims could take this kind of justification seriously. This means if you say something I don’t like, I am going to go out and murder somebody. This is not just illogical, its paranoid.

Why Muslims are like this I don’t know, but they always have been. It is as though their culture engenders an over developed sense of offense and revenge.
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