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By benpenguin
First post here, hi guys!

I know Falun Gong is almost a dead topic, but I can assure you they are still around, just under various alias or disguises. To the trained eyes however, no matter what name they are under, one can spot them easily by reading the heavily loaded language, heavily critical to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with similar style to the CCP official propaganda in the 1960 era (Well the CCP is much smarter now)

A bit of background information about Falun Gong(FLG) front organizations - openly FLG or disguised:
Media Groups: - NTD TV - Boxun news - Epoch Times - Ming Hui (Openly FLG) - Soung of Hope radio - People's Newspaper (LOL I love this one, the name confuses with the Chinese official newspaper)

Others: - China Interim Government (Yes it is real - they even elected a president and parliament!) - Shen Yun Performing Arts (I betcha seen their ads somewhere on the streets - if you didn't, you're blind :lol: )

I couldn't list all their organizations, but you get the point - all the above organizations / media is nearly 100% founded by Falun Gong faithfuls. Everytime you make an argument against them on facebook, you are quickly swarmed by FLG loyals saying that you violate their freedom of speech / is brainwashed / simply needs to look at their book (I did)

Are they a cult? Well, because the CCP said they are, doesn't mean they aren't. To my definition, they are a cult. Where did I do my research? Reading their book, their own websites, and talking to their members.

Trust me, they are bloody scary.

Now lets take a look of some of some of their insider stuff:
1. Old forces - Master Li, head of the movement, once said "old and evil forces" - used to describe evil spirits and CCP (Which is also evil spirit) The term is then used to describe everything they don't like. Denouncing made easy!
2. Denial of medicine - because FLG guys are "spiritual" in nature, they cannot get sick, and therefore no need for conventional medicine. What if somebody in FLG died of sickness? Well, he's not doing it right. HOWEVER, they are not stopping you to see a doctor if you want to.
3. "To succeed, you need to listen to the master. If you fail, you are not listening to the master." One of the basic morals in their book. The master means Mr. Li Hong Chi, the founder - no1 else can be "master". FLGers are ferociously loyal to the master, and will nearly burst into grateful tears when talking about him - just read some of their newspapers and you get the point.

These guys claim that they are not an organization. Well, they are certainly organized. Why did they get banned in the first place? They ORGANIZED 10000 practitioners to surround Chong Nan Hai, China's power enclave (or Russia's Kremlin in that respect) How did they do that without the Chinese police even noticing? They organized the event on the internet, which is under heavy monitor from the CCP. THE CCP DIDN'T SEE THEM COMING UNTIL THE DAY! Well, that can only mean they infiltrated the CCP beforehand.

They did threw a lot of accusations of CCP organ harvesting and prosecution. Prosecution needs no explanation - I will do that if were I in CCP's place - but organ harvesting? They did provided some circumstantial evidence, but nothing solid. An independent human rights group investigated their claims and found no evidence as well.

And being mistreated still doesn't count as an argument that they are not a cult anyway!

Cult or new spiritual movement? YOU decide.
By liminjin
obviously we are comrades.haha.i got a lot of information from the websites you provided.haha. thanks a lot.BUT I wonder how we can get connected with comrade Li Hongzhi
By benpenguin
Oh Master Li? I got rumors that he is dead from Brain Cancer.

Or ascended to the heavens. Who knows?
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By Quercus Robur
It sounds ok to me, like most Chinese spiritual movements. From your post it sounds as if it suffers from some of the ludicrousnesses of Scientology though :) how would you compare the two? wrote:Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL
The interim government is down by the sounds of it :(
Not a bad image though Image
Anyone know what the words say?

They did threw a lot of accusations of CCP organ harvesting and prosecution.

I suppose being Falun Gong doesn't carry the death penalty? If it does wouldn't it be ok to harvest their organs similar to other executed criminals under the 1984 regulations (I'm only going from wiki so it may be wrong)?
By benpenguin
1. It said "Justice will prevail" on the left and "Disintegrate the CCP" on the right on the flag
2. It is definitely not okay to harvest their organs, and I don't think joining a cult carries capital punishment. But I do doubt their claims as they haven't provided any solid evidence to date, and some evidence is even proven to be fake (I heard, forgot about the source - I might be wrong).

I'm aware of Scientology as well, read a lot about them a while ago.
Here is some compare and contrasts - feel free to add to the list!

Scientology is motivated by money. FLG is more politically motivated (They got unlimited supply of money while none of their members have to pay anything...curious).
Scientology has strict hierarchies. FLG is probably a bunch of allied organizations coordinated by some secret group (starts with a C with a middle I and ends with an A?...)
Scientology is kind of ignored by the government (Monitored), FLG is banned by the CCP and supported by the US, thus getting a lot of exposure.
Scientology hides their true belief by control of information, FLG does so by diverting criticisms to political issues
Scientology recruits people by "Free test / audit", FLG recruits by "Traditional Qi Gong practice"

Both uses lots of insider terminology
Both do not allow critics
Both Worships the leader
Both promotes persudo science (Flying saucers, apocaplyse, aliens, secret nuclear bombs, fairies orbiting earth, wheel in stomach - you name it - Master Li said it himself in a Times interview, and i betcha know about Scientology's "science")
Both rejects conventional healthcare

If you do want to read more - ... _gong.html - not overly objective, but still carries some merit

The list goes on. Both fits the description of cults quite well, with Scientology fitting better.
that's where i get some of my definitions

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