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I will not judge your ideas, but I will just chime in that this cannot be communism in the truest sense of the word because communism implies a classless, stateless AND moneyless society and, from what I see on your post, the presence of state (and money) seems pretty explicit and required.
Even if this only as a transition to the final form of the communist state, I still find it hard to believe that a society so reliant on the state for it work could (gradually or not) dismantle it without seeing phenomenons of the "survival of the fittest" of protocapitalism roaring back.

You are a mixture of radical liberalism, socialism, anarchy, and some radical SJW values. I wouldn't say that you are a Marxist-Leninist (Stalinist), one of the reasons being that you promote multiculturalism and transgender values. In a pure socialist context, gender is a construct, and cultures are created to inspire non socialists to contribute to the survival of humanity. Cultures are also created to keep the workers in control. And you supporting prostitution is anti socialist because why would one need to be a prostitute in a socialist society? There is no currency, so there is nothing to sell, which means that you can't be a prostitute! Also, prostitution enslaves the prostitute, and makes one look like a sex slave, rather than a human.
ggyungstalinxxo wrote:The only good things they did were the massive social programs like the Autobahn construction

The Autobahn programme was utterly cretinous. It was a crime against against economics. It made Stalin's white Sea Canal project look like an exercise in rational planning. Germany had a massive oil problem. The last thing they needed was more oil consumption. Meanwhile the rail network was in dire needs of investment. Railways were key both for the civilian economy and for military logistics and deployment. The German armed forces were in a dire oil shortage by the latter part of 1941. They spent the rest of the war de-motorising. Planes, tanks and trucks are useless without gasoline to run them.

The British in North Africa on the other hand were washing their kit in petrol to save water, they had so much of the stuff.

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