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Hi my question is did Albania under Enver Hoxha outlawed/banned religion or is this just a Capitalist Myth I have had Capitalists tell me this but did they just ban religion in public or ban organized religion in public I heard because it divided Albania also I found a link a speech Enver Hoxha gave that said people can believe if they choose was religion allowed in private have Qurans Bibles Religions Pray does the Albanian Constitution below really say ban religion ?

The Albanian Constitution of 1976
Approved by the People's Assembly on December 28, 1976
Republished for the record, BA March 2005

Article 37

The state recognizes no religion whatever and supports atheist propaganda for the purpose of inculcating the scientific materialist world outlook in people.

As for religion, you need not worry about it. To believe or not to believe is a personal right, a question of conscience and not an institutional question: religion cannot be imposed according to the desire or will of the hodjas, the bishops or the Pope of Rome.

However while there was certainly oppression against organized religion, religious public worship, religious leadership, and promotion of atheism. In many Marxist Leninist states, like the USSR, China, the DPRK etc. The only place on earth to truly outlaw religion was Albania, where being caught with a Bible or a Quran carried jailtime, religious weddings and even names were outlawed.

Then came the Leninist, in the Russian revolution of 1917 and the rise of Marxist-Leninism or state socialism which is where you get the first theories about state atheism, Lenin and Stalin were very clear about the destruction of religion, a good example is the league of militant of atheists
Based on the Wikipedia entry, Religion was officially banned in Albania from 1967 to 1990. Albania was unusual in the Communist bloc in going all-out banning religion as communist countries officially protected "freedom of religion" to the extent that the working class continued to have religious beliefs but actively persecuted religion as an ideological illusion of the deposed ruling class. So persecution fluctuated between periods of systematic repression and comparatively more liberal periods of discrimination depending on the speed at which religion expected to be eliminated.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_ ... #Communism
Albania was full of religious wack jobs that were very strict to their wives and children. Many Albanian people were very religious, controlling, and strict to the people that they had power over, such as their children. Albanians were very family oriented. Albanians were also the most anti feminist people out of everyone else in Europe.

So, you tell me, which side is unusual? "Banning" religion? Or, having those characteristics I mentioned in my pervious paragraph?

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