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Marcosuve wrote:To answer this question I advise paying attention to the difference between socialism and communism like in this article about Difference Between Socialism and Communism | Differencebtwn

Sorry to say so but your link is bullshit propaganda.

I'll offer one example. You can figure out the rest if you're so inclined.

Look at the article's "definition" of communism....

"Communism is the system in which the creation factors are owned only the central authorities. The delivery happens based on the needs of the people. Here, people do not have the basic right to have ownership over any estate. It was done only to ensure there was equality among the people and there would be no basis of any discrimination. In this case, the government was supposed to ensure the basic needs like food and education would be imparted to all the citizens. Some of the major communist regimes of this day are China and Vietnam."

First of all, communism is classless society that emerges as classes "wither away". It's that simple. But look what the author did. He makes a very common and basic mistake. He starts out in the first sentence referring to a "system", which is the living conditions of the people.

But then even ignoring the false statements that follow, we see in the last sentence that the author has now shifted to reference to "communism" as an ideology..... ideas.... methods..... strategies: strategies to "get to" socialism. This is the meaning of the reference to "communist regimes". There was no communist system in place.

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