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Two "ist"s battle it out for supremacy

In a lot of angry letters to the editor, people refer to themselves and others as either motorists or cyclists.

As in:
Torstar wrote:(street fairs) closed almost every main street for a period and had drivers chewing on their steering wheels, abandoning their cars or fleeing the city

Notice how the author talks about "drivers" as being inseparable from their vehicles. The driver must always be in his car. This makes it look like those street festivals made it impossible for those "motorists" to get around the city.

Meanwhile, for the price of two days gasoline, each of those motorists could have rented a bike, or bought a used one and got around as easily as I do every day. Virtually all of those motorists are also capable of walking or cycling. Or taking a cab. Their car is simply a tool; it doesn't define them.


When I sip on a glass of orange juice, do I - at that moment - become an orange-juicist, incapable of eating or drinking anything else?

When I wear white shoes, am I automatically a pre-labor-dayist?

When I chose sandpaper (instead of a plane or chisel) to break the edge of a piece of wood, am I being a sandpaperist? Should I be opposed to all the planists and chiselists who are competing with my choice of tool?
Great topic, Qatz. It feels like they are trying to turn driving into a sort of lifestyle choice which is where people can't just be travelling somewhere by whatever means is most efficient at the time, instead they must do it in a certain style at all times, or else have their identity threatened.


A 'motorist', would have wrote:"Not just a tool, but a status symbol! I can't be seen in motion without my van!"

Ultimately, it kind of does look like just a tool. It's hard to really explain it, but there's an 'energy' in these vehicles, be they cars or bicycles, but I think that 'energy' comes from the everyone who has made their construction possible, and not just the operator of that vehicle, so in that sense the 'ists' are also being pretty presumptuous.
The Guardian wrote:in big societies, there is a huge status shift happening, where we are losing the idea that you use a car to define your status.

This is the de-brainwashing we probably need.

The motorist resembles the Marlboro Man and James Bond - all marketing constructs.

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