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Rancid wrote:the farther apart the wheels are, the better the car handles.

I didnt know this.

Rancid wrote:Anyway, by American standards, that car is a shoebox. :lol:

Is it the smallest car you have ever had or have you had smaller?
BeheadTheFrog wrote:
I didnt know this.

Is it the smallest car you have ever had or have you had smaller?

I've had a smaller car. I owned a Toyota Tercel, pretty sure that was smaller than the Fit/Jazz.

With respect to the wheels being further out, it all depends on the design and other specifics, but it's a general truth that the further to the edges of the car you push the wheels, the better for handling/cornering.
Il Duce wrote:So few people on Pofo drive....

That's reassuring...

My personal transport is an old 92 Toyota "standard" pickup truck. (going on 400,000 miles).

I got my turbo inlet pipe in!

- Turbo lag is reduced by say 200 - 300 rpm.
- It feels peppier, the claim is, the pipe adds 10hp.
- The increased turbo spool noise is not as increased as I hoped, but still good.

Next mod on the list is rotors and brakes (as you can see my rusted ass rotors in the image above.)
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