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The Economist wrote;
A more radical approach to powering trains is that proposed by Russian Railways, which says it is designing a nuclear-powered train in conjunction with Rosatom, the state nuclear giant. Able to generate immense power, such a train could, in theory, move extremely fast or be used to supply power to a remote town or industrial site, using an on-board reactor similar to those found in nuclear submarines. Even if this nuclear-powered train takes to the rails, however, concern about the consequences of a derailment will probably impede widespread adoption.

A “moving platform” scheme proposed by Priestmangoode is more technologically ambitious than maglev trains even though it relies on conventional rails. Local trains would use side-by-side rails to roll alongside intercity trains and allow passengers to switch trains by stepping through docking bays. This set-up solves several problems, says Mr Priestman. Stopping high-speed trains wastes energy and time, so why not simply slow them down enough for a moving platform to pull alongside? This would also let high-speed trains skirt cities as moving platforms ferry passengers to and from the city centre.

The future of trains or pure sci-fi?

http://www.economist.com/news/technolog ... ss-quickly
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By Locke II

More realistic would be to create a bullet train, build a tube around it, and operate the train in a vacuum. While the modern Btrains reach 200 mph, one in a vacuum could reach 4000 mph

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