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China’s new little car aka “The Highway Suppository”.

This is not a joke and they do sell for $600.00. They won’t be able to make them fast enough–good just to run around town.
Here’s a car that will get you back and forth to work on the cheap…$600 for the car. 258 miles per gallon.

Only a one-seater, however – talk about cheap transportation….

This $600 car is no toy and is ready to be released in China next year. The single-seater aero car totes VW (Volkswagen) branding. Volkswagen did a lot of very highly protected testing of this car in Germany, but it was not announced until now where the car would make its first appearance.

The car was introduced at the VW stockholders meeting as the most economical car in the world. The initial objective of the prototype was to prove that 1 liter of fuel could deliver 100 kilos of travel.

The aero design proved essential to getting the desired result.

The body is 3.47 meters long and just 1.25 meters wide, and a little over a meter high. The prototype was made completely of carbon fiber and is not painted, to save weight.

The power plant is a one cylinder diesel, positioned ahead of the rear axle and combined with an automatic shift that is controlled by a knob in the interior.

Safety was not compromised as the impact and roll-over protection is comparable to the GT racing cars.



Cute. At least it affords some protection vs a motorbike and is even more competitive in terms of cost.

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Igor Antunov wrote:The new one looks somewhat different but targeted specs should be identical, yes the concept has been around for years but they have finally started mass producing them.

No its a hoax or/and a clever marketing strategy, but they are not mass producing it and surely not out of carbon for 600$
So I thought, "Oh, great, another one of Igor's China fantasies..." So I google it since I'm curious (and Igor's post is almost 2 years old) what happened with this if anything.

I find a five year old post:

ebongeek wrote:NOVEMBER 9, 2011

By now you have probably seen the rumor yet again all over the net announcing; “New Car From China for $600.00 US Dollars”…well here is what Ebongeek found. This rumor first made its appearance back in 2002 with the 1-litre car from Volkswagen. It was a prototype single passenger vehicle with an impressive 200+ mile per gallon fuel rating.

The actual VW, it turns out, went into limited production for €111,000.

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