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Is this car using the same suspension system you brought up years ago?

0-100: 3,8

On nice asphalt, sure. But what about gravel roads? - not that one should do so often.
The £230,000 price tag I find it normal, it is after all a hand-made car, and all hand-made cars cost 200,000 upwards. Besides people who buy hand-made cars do not mind paying whatever price-tag you place on them.

The good news is that we might see in the future much cheaper versions. The inventor and CEO of the company said that the next step for the company would be small bike-vehicles for people on wheelchairs who will be able to lock their wheelchairs into the vehicle and climb stairs or go to the beach. I am guessing that after that we may see some marketable versions of cars as well.

Well 3,8 is an estimate even for asphalt, but I don't think it matters much anyway. This car is clearly not built for drag-racing, anyway.

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