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By Jackal
2003 Dodge SRT-4.

Pretty much looks like the picture except for the wheels, which mine are stock.

I am probably going to get rid of it soon because I am tired of paying premium gas and putting it in quite often.

I am thinking going back to Japanese cars (Honda Civic, Acura RSX, Lexus ES 300) from 2001+. Not sure if I want to continue driving stick either. I will also look into some European cars but I heard repairs (even on Volvos) are costly. :hmm:
By Piano Red
Picked up a new Ducati SportClassic GT1000 from the dealership last thursday. Didn't have a chance to drive it till the following tuesday but it was a blast, especially as a first time motorcyclist.


I wish I had time to get a custom kits added on, but i'll definitely be flaunting around in it with the girlfriend tomorrow for the 4th!
By Jarlaxle
Replaced my Caprice wagon...1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport.
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By Arkady2009
I drive a 1997 Ford Laser XLI. It belonged to my great aunt.
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By Thunderhawk

Since that picture the car has seen light rain hours before a trip to work and a car wash a few days later.
And one new scratch on the passenger door.
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