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As either the transitional stage to communism or legitimate socio-economic ends in its own right.
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I become a sorta Anarchist in late high school/earlu university through reading (complete nerd, read a lot of books, read all through school like I viewed it as reading time ), George Orwell (homage to catalonia), Ursula LeGuin (The Dispossessed) being the two most influential on me, I was always interested in Ideas and it was very much from a conceptual idealistic point of view. At Uni the Marxists really rubbed me the wrong way, their "democratic centralism" just looked like junior fascism. I've Mellowed a bit these days, I view Anarchy as more Zen Buddism sort thing, its how you treat people. I live in a small housing co-op (fell into through Dating a Girl) where we maintain, and share common spaces, (Big hall, garden, laundry lounge)so I kinda living some sort of anacho-socialist reality.
I'm a misanthropic socialist, I don't care so much about liberating the masses, my main concern is saving the future from the elites the masses have empowered. But I do think socialism is how decent people would organize.
I grew up on the internet in the early aughts and was exposed to european thinkers on internet forums and I found their arguments compelling. Also, I noticed a lot of smart people I respected like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Noam Chomsky were socialists.
Well I started out as what I thought was middle. Because rightwing people told me I'm left and leftwing people claimed I'm rightwing.

Then I read the bible (I've always been christian) and it turns out the bible demands communism and socialism, and in the strongest words.

Ever since I've read a bit of Marx and he's not halfway as radical as the bible. For example he doesnt say all rich people will end up in hell.

But I couldnt find a single statement in the bible that supports liberalism. Quite on the contrary, to the bible liberalism is just egoism. The bible demands altruism.

Theres still some people who are much more leftwing than I am, though.

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