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By annatar1914
I'm particularly happy that Holy Pascha falls on the same date this year as Worker's Day

Christ conquered by His death, Death, and upon the tombs bestowed Life!

Raise high the Scarlet Banner! Sign of the Holy Spirit, speaking His Prophetic Mission to all men, to bring about the Kingdom of God!
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By Eauz
Wages are too high. Workers should be working 365 days per year. Can't wait to get rid of all communist governments in the world.
By skinster
I worked.

And by worked, I mean I started reading Zinn's A People's History of USA! USA! USA! at work today, because it was pretty quiet at work today.

On the second chapter and it's very yah.
By anasawad
LOL. Well, i would say i mostly work on sundays but i used to get pay for work no steady scheduale in my previous company.
basically i can work and get paid even on weekends or holidays. Or i can say fuck it i want to stay home and not get paid.
Though i have a minimum of 3 cars to work in a team on it per month, so basically i have 9-12 days of mandatory work days the rest i can choose to work or not in it.
Its more fun this way, and the pay is better.
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By Hindsite
anasawad wrote:Hmmmm. Why do you guys work on Sundays ?

It is actually called May Day and it always comes on May 1 regardless of the day of the week. It was once a pagan holiday and they danced around a May Pole. In recent history, it has become a day to celebrate workers rights or to protest as you see in the videos.


By skinster
anasawad wrote:Hmmmm. Why do you guys work on Sundays ?

Because NYC is a 24-7 city.

But that's okay, if my Sunday job sucked I wouldn't do it, but it's easy as fuck as far as the work goes, plus I get to read there.

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