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As either the transitional stage to communism or legitimate socio-economic ends in its own right.
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By Mr_D
Thomasmariel wrote:I'm simply opposed to money outright, though of course public banks is a better option than private banks

Less of a chance of secretive cabals of stockholders gaming the system through loopholes...
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By ckaihatsu
Here's a step in the right direction:

I agree with TM, though -- and money is the economic equivalent of bourgeois political 'rights', and both are archaic and anachronistic and should be done away with as soon as possible, in favor of a fully voluntary, collective communist-gift-economy-type of production, to fulfill unmet human need as an overarching social priority, worldwide.

Human society no longer requires a realm of abstracted exchange values and exchanges when we now have the information technology ability to make all material transactions (like mass production, work roles, liberated labor, and produced goods / services) on a *qualitative* basis (wiki pages per workplace / factory for worker-organized co-coordination, populist control over what work roles are required per project, internal discussions and collective self-determination by labor itself, and popular bottom-up information inputs about mass unmet human needs, respectively).


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