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It's interesting how little we ever see about the long and intense work of conservatives for the last 50 years in their rather successful effort to crush out all working class organizations, publications, and ideology after the lessons they learned at the hands of FDR and the unions and Marxist parties.

In 1971 a Virginia lawyer was commissioned to write up an analysis of the state of affairs of capitalism and to develop a blueprint for reversing all the setbacks, eliminating unions, countering the popular pro-working class perspective, and seizing the day for capitalism. The lawyer, Lewis Powell and former head of the American Bar Association, did a far better job than anyone expected. Instantly it seemed that conservative organizations, think tanks, media, and educational influences virtually exploded into existence. The outcome was a network that today feeds Fox News and other right wing propaganda centers whatever they need to advance the cause, it spawned Cato Institute, The Heritage Foundation, and a network of think tanks. It developed strategies and funding to keep the whole thing going. And Lewis Powell became a Supreme Court justice.

The following is a link to a 7-page article on The Powell Memorandum, and it explains the origin of most of our current ideological attacks on the working class, our commonly heard slurs and slanders of any struggle for human rights and fairness, and many other eye-opening and shocking expose's of life today in the USA. I will tell you this: when I read it I was changed by it. I now see the depth and intensity and determination of the conservative effort. Can you think of a common anti-socialist, or anti-worker quote, of which there are thousands and thousands? They came about because of The Powell Memorandum and the changes it brought about. And I feel confident in saying that if the Memorandum was common knowledge and well understood among the public today (it was kept secret until recently), we would have all the needed working class organization and political party and political clout we need within months. READ IT! It's just 7 pages and I promise you that by the time you're 1/3 through it your jaw will be in your lap. ... uction.pdf

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