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Hey guys. So I just joined the forum after stalking the technocracy forum for a while now. By now, I'd like to consider myself a technocrat(or Technocrat? idk) I do however have concerns and questions about the whole idea.... If anybody could offer comprehensive responses to my questions and concerns, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

1. When citizens of a technate want to visit other parts of the world, how do they do anything in any other country without currency? Also, when people want to visit the technate, are they offered all amenities that regular citizens enjoy?

2. How are the leaders to be chosen, initially. How do we decide who the best experts are for any given position?

3. What happens if there are certain jobs with a deficiency of workers? I assume there may be a surplus in entertainment and art sequences, but what if there are certain sequences that struggle to find the necessary labor? Especially without a financial incentive.

4. In order to protect the sustainability of resources, or just protect the environment, are citizens limited in resource consumption?

5. If something ever needed to be rationed, like water, are the citizens of the technate allowed only a limited amount?

6. What happens when technical experts have radically different opinions on how to solve or manage certain issues?

7. What determines when a problem can have an objective solution? Many societal problems require subjective solutions, that a technate can't necessarily provide.

8. Are people allowed to have as much unhealthy food, soda, etc as they want?? Also, what about beer, alcohol, and I suppose just intoxicants in general?

9. This may have been addressed a million times here, I'm not sure, but how is a technocracy really going to be established... I mean, really.

10. Energy accounting.... Can all energy truly be measured, and accounted for reliably?

11. How is human energy to be measured? Particularly intellectual energy.

12. Was the energy survey of North America actually completed? I looked it up, and I'm pretty sure they never got around to completing a comprehensive energy survey....
Thank you very much. I'm really grateful for your answers. They've been helpful. If I may dig deeper into a few topics however...

So, ideally, would it be possible to have technate citizens visiting other countries to have an equally superfluous budget when being a tourist and such?

Also.... When sequence leaders find themselves in disagreement... I'm assuming there would be protocol for deciding which path to take? When people's lives and livelihoods are at stake, you can't necessarily experiment too much in order to find objective truths. Especially when circumstances and things involved fluctuate frequently. Are the engineers of the technate something 'similar' to a single party democracy?

I definitely advocate having a modern energy survey completed, and having intense media coverage surrounded by that, and its implications...

With all that being said, how can I seriously push for technocratic ideals? Also, you're with Technocracy Inc, right? How can I be sure that they have the best system out there? There seems to be quite a bit of controversy around Howard Scott... If that's even relevant..

Last, I really want good reading material. I read Harold Loeb's book about technocracy, but I want something that digs deeper. I want to understand the format like you do.
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