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By fuser
England should be ashamed, they let Pandya took 5 wickets.
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By Heisenberg
England's top order should be ashamed of the whole series, to be honest. They only won the first two games because India somehow found a way to be worse. :lol:
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By fuser
Even though Batsmen are performing poorly, at least the tests are close matches, so quite interesting. I still can't say who will win this one but anyhow Why the hell Alaistair Cook is still in the team, does he do "things" for his team management.
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By Heisenberg
Cook has been crap for years at this point. He must have an Andrew Strauss Russian pee tape or something. :excited:

That said, the entire top four should be dropped. Whoever managed to convince themselves that Keaton Jennings is a test cricketer needs to get their eyes checked. :lol:
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