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By The trigger
She has not done her home work very to say the least.
O yea it will have a impact NOT .
THERE ARE DOZENS of companys in America that make ar 15 rifles or part 8n America.
Its estimated there are up to 15 million already in circulation.
O yes 300 million plus gun total.
The ar 15 is responsible for a had full of deaths compared to knifes or clubs. Its not the problem. Mental illnesses is.
Sorry no fix for that.

Lets look at the gun here and why its popular.

It can be had in many calibers from a .22 lr up.
Now most are in .223 or 5.56 while you can shoot 223 in 5.56 you really should not do it the other way higher pressures same cartridge dimensions.

A. 5.56 the orginal chambering was designed to wound more than kill .
It takes 2 people to carry a wounded Soldier
The ar 15 is user friendly all the controls are well placed its simple to take apart and easy to work on.
Its simple to modify. And you can build one from parts with ease.
Now i never had one till i moved to fl.
I didnt like the first one i got so I sold the upper reciver and kept the lower and built what I wanted.
This gun was my hurricane gun .
After watching what happened in New Orleans with all the crime and looting decided i needed a rifle that held more than 5 rounds .
I had hunting rifles but they had the wrong optics 5 rounds heavy wood stocks .
The ar i build cost me 2 g I had a cmmg upper 18 in tripod adj stock grips and high quailty long range optics and flip up iron sights hand grips it would shoot sub 1\2 8n groups at 100 yards .
I sold it and built a close up rifle for under 200 yards crome lines barrel fore grip flash light green laser and a zero power red dot with 2 inch rectile and tatical sling. This is a fairly light weight gun . its fun to shoot at the range and great for those trying to loot your home and still fairly decent for hunting .

I have second gun also.
Its got a bull barrel a match grade trigger tripod and 0x24 optics for long range target shooting . its a sub 1/2 in gun at 100 yards .
Now my guns have been shot a lot by students learning how to shoot at paper and the occasional plastic bottle or furry creature I want to eat.
My guns are stored safely .
The last thing Id want to do is shoot a person .
Only to defend myself or others or my humble home from looters and villains in general.

Now the .223 aka 5.56 round is fairly inexpensive when you use military surplus.
I however reload aka make new ammo from used ammo it reduces cost greatly and allows you to custom load rounds to to rifle . now I can load a 1000 general loads to what it takes me to load 200 target loads which the way are expensive.
Now the ar 15 rifle in a basic form can be inexpensive 500 bucks or so or thousands for a high end rifle with high end goodies.
Its common to use on varmits such as ground hogs and coyotes to game as big as deer or pig depending on caliber and you abality.

Now in the movies every one has a full auto m16 every one it seems like. Well the ar 15 shoots one bullet every time you pull the trigger like thousands of other guns.
You want a fully auto m16 then you first have to find one made before 1986 and pay for it.
That will run you 25000 to 35000 .
Then you have to ask the ATF aka the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and forearms permission to do so. This takes anywhere from 9 months to a year o yes you have to pay a 200 dollar tax stamp.
This includes short barreled rifles sawed off shot guns and supressors.

I know this because I own class 2 firearms .
The backround check is extensive and you dont even want to screw up and be out without your paper work or god forbid misplace a class 2 firearm or device. The goverment will be in and out of all your orifices.

Various political party the media and the movies would like you to think they are assult rifles not so a assult rifle is selective fire .
Again the gun is not a issue but mental health is .
The trigger wrote:The ar i build cost me 2 g

Long guns

For home defence a shotgun is the tool to have.

A rifle in an urban setting is not - Over penetration will ruin your day.

Anyway, if you are stupid enough to believe you must have a quality 'hi-cap' semi auto rifle to defend your apartment, you would have been better off buying an off the shelf WASR(AK) for a third of the price.

It would leave more money in your pocket to pay for lawyers.

Last edited by ingliz on 17 May 2019 07:48, edited 4 times in total.
ok. finally figured out how to get the message. either im stupid or the web site is difficult to navigate or both.I was born in the 50s and have limited computer skills so im putting my money on me being stupid lol.The changing god studs name is what we in America call a hoora a harmless way of annoying a person , its considered good fun.
I did do due to him saying Im making up facts . which I do not do. plus Im a hillbilly biker ex public safety officer for a private collage prison guard etc. im not acustomed to being acused of making up facts. Im acustomed to being called sir even as I hand cuff people we americans men have excessive ammounts of testrone .
so please be paitent with me, and Ill try harder to conform .

I know people from newzeland.
at one time I was incharge of a large staff at a ski resort . We hired students from all over the world peru south africa australia new zeland .
I was incharge of the security staff lot attendewnts snow removal bell hops laundry staff house men pool staff and any other staff members when thier mananger was gone.
any way ill try harder and try find ways to hoora with out changing names or blant insults.
but I must be honest when a man calols me ingorant or claims im lying or making up facts I will stand up to these claims and present facts to prove otherwise.
I also will try to post more links often im away from home on my phone and I just dont have the skill level on the phone . as a mod you can see my I P adress this one is my home pc thanks
Fine. You aren't making up facts. You are just getting really bad information and thinking it's a fact, when it's not. It makes you wrong, not a liar. We often cite the sources we get our information from, so there isn't mistakes like this.

Insulting someone by changing their name, is an insult, no matter how amusing it might be to you. It's also against the forum rules.

Being ignorant isn't bad. It's an opportunity to learn more. Ignorant only means "lacking knowledge".
Hindsite wrote:In close quarters I like a handgun.

Each to their own.

Over penetration and lawyers:

An 18" 12 g pump is the better option for apartment use. Easy to keep topped up, stopping power, and if you avoid buckshot and opt instead for a turkey or goose load that will lose much of its power going through 2 layers of drywall, greatly reduced liability for damage to neighbors.
I think a lot of the misconceptions about firing guns in houses comes from movies, where almost everything is magically bulletproof.

A couch will not stop a bullet. A table top will not stop a bullet. A drywall wall will not stop a bullet. Many brick walls will not stop bullets. My metal oven would not stop a bullet.

The large planter I made last summer would, because it is filled with several cubic yards of earth.
Pants-of-dog wrote:I think a lot of the misconceptions about firing guns in houses comes from movies, where almost everything is magically bulletproof.

Those must be Canadian made movies or very old American made movies (Black & White)..
Ingliz. i have to disagree with you .
A shot gun unless loaded with 00 buck has reduced stopping power while 00 buck has deep pentration abality . also a shot gun has much harder recoil wich may be to much for s9me people.

Now i perfer a pistol with a light and night sights with frangible ammunition which takes care of any excessive peneratration .
Also a ar 15 with a light and laser and red dot or reflex sights loaded up with frangible ammunition is great. Plenty of rounds lots of sighting visablity options light weight and low recoil.
Also in the event of a natural disaster such as hurricane or tidal waves or tornado or earthquake.

A ar 15 is much desired light weight lots of fire power long range easy to carry extra ammo for .
Perhaps you didnt see the crime wave that affected. New Orleans when the hurricane or south fl..

There is no such thing as one gun for every situation .
Plain and simple . that why I have several.

By the way the ar 25 makes a great plinker at the gun range
You are both wrong. The M2 Browning .50 Machinegun is the perfect gun for home defense. Sure it kills the neighbours, but think of how quiet it will be on Saturday morning. :D
:lol: Ignorance rears its ugly head.

I live in a town of about 10,000. There is almost 0 crime. You can leave your doors unlocked and the keys in your motorbike. Almost nobody has a gun, except the police... and my German friend with his gun collection.
Thats to bad . you will never know the enjoyment of hunting or target shooting . And not have the abality to protect your self not just from criminal types but in times of natural disaster.

I live in a nice home about 2500 sq feet not including the garage . its a private community of about 450 homes with a guard and gated entrance.
We coyld leave our doors unlocked but thats what I call foolish. No crime at all zero.but then only people who are approved and can afford to live here its deed restricted.
I have freinds that have 30 to 50 guns .we enjoy hunting. And idpa shooting target shooting .
The trigger wrote:Thats to bad . you will never know the enjoyment of hunting or target shooting . And not have the abality to protect your self not just from criminal types but in times of natural disaster.
I've done target shooting with a variety of handguns and rifles. I was also in the military, at one time, so I do know about shooting a firearm.

Protect ourselves... from what? Will a gun prevent a flood water from rising? What criminal types? Sorry, but we don't get looting and robbing during natural disasters in Thailand and Canada.

The trigger wrote:We coyld leave our doors unlocked but thats what I call foolish.
Foolish is thinking a lock will keep someone out. Locks only keep honest people out.

The trigger wrote:]No crime at all zero.but then only people who are approved and can afford to live here its deed restricted.
Fine, but I live in a non-gated community that enjoys the same lack of crime. It's not "deed restricted", either.
The trigger wrote:A shot gun unless loaded with 00 buck ...

A fully choked dove load fired from 20 feet makes a just over a 1 inch hole going in and a 5 inch hole going out of a human body.

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