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By Red Rackham
In Britain we dont have anything like Prince George or Revelstoke but fek me, I wish we did, watch this it's epic -


I couldn't do it as fast as those guys, but I'd certainly give it a go. What a track. If you're into this have a look at the Maxi and the Mega. Only the insane need apply, a few years ago I may have given it a shot.

OK you boys in the Rockies may have some of the best mountain biking in the world, but you don't have the mega - this is sheer insanity, I would have attempted this... 20 years ago -
By skinster
Damn, that looks really fun. I'd go on that, but not as fast as those mentalists. Managed to get 10 miles in at a local park today, around the beautiful colours of Autumn. Would've carried on but my back light is jacked and the there is no lights in this dark park.
I have never mountain biked. And since I pull a kid trailer while riding my bike, I doubt I will be doing any serious downhill soon.

I do ride on ice and snow though.
By late
SSDR wrote:
"Mountain Biking" is a very dangerous hobby. It lacks hygiene, and looks uncomfortable.

I used to do it. It's fun.

It can be dangerous, but that depends mostly on how you ride, and how good a rider you are.

Lacks hygiene??
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By Godstud
SSDR wrote:Anarchist caricature of reality.
This the long way to say, "Trolling". :D

Mountain biking like that can be fun, but the chance of mishaps is high if you're doing stuff like those guys. I prefer my bike with an engine, these days, too.

Imagine biking here...
By Red Rackham
SSDR wrote:"Mountain Biking" is a very dangerous hobby. It lacks hygiene, and looks uncomfortable.

I have to disagree. Mountain biking is not 'very' dangerous. I suppose it's relative, I mean mountain biking is probably more hazardous to your health than... chess for instance, but less so than free climbing. I'm no expert, I enjoy it and the more I do it the faster I want to go. I've had a few crashes, so far I've escaped with scratches and bruises. I really wish I had the opportunity to ride those trails in BC. I really like fast flow trails, so much more of a thrill than slow techy stuff.

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