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The patient has several treatable conditions, and many of the conditions are the result of other treatments.

I think we can make a lot of money here.



Hi, farmer John.
I went to see the vet today

He said that rotten smell inside my ear
is just me needing another needle

because ever since I been in this cage
I have pains everwhere in my body

He says there's nothing really wrong with me
I'm just rotting from the inside

So farmer john,
please include some painkillers with the vaccine
Magical thinking helps people to accept poor governance.
That's why religion and entertainment media are so popular.


Imagine if the government started selling opium, the very product that the masses used to block out poor governance of their lives.

Then this same government would have no incentive to improve living conditions. Opium is so cheap to make and brings in such a huge mark-up profit that... it's much better business sense to offer shitty governance and then thrive on opium sales.

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