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People of the left, people of the right,

James Bond turns out to be a racist thief, but he still dresses well.

Agent 99: "Chief, we're going to need more heroine to get the prostitutes to sleep with the vice president."


democracy = intelligence agencies controlling society by using child prostitutes to blackmail world leaders?

This signature text is based on a tweet that skinster provided to the forum.




For a later signature text, I want a variation on "Warfare, Empire, and Propaganda" in order to signal what the poppy, flag, and mask symoblize.
"In every commercial nation the low people are exceedingly stupid." - Adam Smith

I like this quote because it sounds like someone in a very tight mafia said it about "dupes and losers."

Every mafia tries to explain and justify its existence by blaming its victims, by accusing people without options of lacking the brains that it takes to be born into some kind of organized crime gang who uses its social capital to break laws that everyone else has to follow.

In fact, this act - of seeking to exempt your gang from the law - is what defines "mafia," as opposed to a group of associates or community.


I sort of agree with this quote. But in Cuba, people didn't seem generally stupid. But I guess Adam Smith might explain that this is because Cuba isn't really a commercial nation.
Jeffrey Amherst and the Ohio Valley Development Company present:
the Global Alliance for Warm Blankets (GAWB)

wiki wrote: Amherst's legacy is controversial due to his expressed desire to exterminate the race of indigenous people during Pontiac's War, and his advocacy of biological warfare in the form of gifting blankets infected with smallpox as a weapon...


Wanting to use biological weapons to extirminate a "race" he hated, makes him "controversial" according to wiki. He isn't compared to Hitler in commercial media like the presidents of dozens of oil-producing nations are.

Also, the Ohio Valley was known as "les terres d'en haut" (the Lands Above) by French explorers and fur traders and priests, and technically still belongs to The Province of Quebec, a political structure established by the United Kingdom for First Nations and Metis (including what we today call French Canadians).


Jeffrey Amherst and the Ohio Valley Development Company present:
the Global Alliance for Warm Blankets (GAWB)

"Only a fool would let his enemy educate his children." - Malcolm X

Here, Malcolm is talking about "class enemies" and how, if you let them educate your children through commercial media or a state-mandated pro-oligarch education curriculum... you are a fool.


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