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Schools, prisons, bills, taxes, wars, torture, hospitals, prestige, monogamy, sin, advertising, media, normalization of products, the law, history books, religion, Facebook, the Internet, car licenses, suburbia...

It takes a village (to train a dog).

And a whip, and isolation for long periods outside, and limits on pee time, and a flea collar, and...



giant multinational corporations:
telling it like it is, and keeping us safe

The giant multinational corporation is an example of a Disciplinary Institution.

Some of the first corporations to "have an impact" on the Americas were fur companies and the slave trade.

Their impact was disciplinary: a reset and a series of new normals.

They changed the local cultures by any means necessary.

If you don’t know history, it’s as if you were born yesterday - Howard Zinn

America is run by commerce, not by a "government" of any legitimacy or function.

So, there is a huge demand for suckers and losers, in order to sell them unnecessary crap.

This is why the learning of History is extremely discouraged in America. It's part of our social conditionning that makes us more loyal dogs, rather than self-protecting cats.
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