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Talk about and show off personal signature and avatar images.
I've currently created a signature of a cropped Abe Lincoln for President poster.


I want the space above the "For President" to have 2016 over it, preferably in black, cursive font.

Thanks to anybody who can help me!
Thank you. You're welcome.
Here's a better one, in my opinion.

EastCoastAmerican wrote:You're just the gift that keeps on giving!

You're not the first to say that to me ;) . You're welcome.
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By Smertios
Is the "-ha-" part of Abraham Lincoln missing on purpose? :?:
Smertios wrote:Is the "-ha-" part of Abraham Lincoln missing on purpose? :?:

Don't know. That's how the political poster looked back then, so it wasn't edited with PhotoShop to be a typo.

It's hard to find an authentic 1860s poster on Google search without getting something modern. That, and I liked the way this one looked.
Actually, the misspelling is really getting to me. Can anybody alter the signature to say "Abraham Lincoln" instead of "Abram Lincoln?"

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