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By Nets


We fought the good fight, Lex.
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By Nets
By mikema63
Fine, I'll make my own team, with blackjack and hookers!

The PoFo chaos network!
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By Lexington
and copy/pasted...

Nets wrote:We fought the good fight, Lex.


mikema wrote:I don't remember this.

Michael von Clausewitz wrote:Q. What drew you to the PUC?
A. When I read the PUC platform for the first time, I was so in love with it that I became sexually aroused.
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By Potemkin
Thank God!
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By noemon
LOL. You cheeky cheeky..

In other news, if you guys are keen maybe we can bring this back to life.
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By anarchist23
Fucking brilliant. lol
Donald, get your arse into gear and come back to PoFoland. lol

and you know who? Clue!
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By Lexington
noemon wrote:In other news, if you guys are keen maybe we can bring this back to life.

I feel like the consensus in the aftermath of PoFo Parliament was that it was fun, but turned out to be so divisive that it's better that we never do it again.
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By JohnRawls
You didn't miss anything. The commies won and everybody else lost.
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By Potemkin
It is humanity's destiny. Accept it.
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By JohnRawls
The Marihuanna party was the last stand of free people against the red menace. Sadly we lost.
By Donald
I'm in favour of bringing back the PoFo parliament game.

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