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Talk about and show off personal signature and avatar images.
By mikema63
So, while trying to get this new https thing for avatars and sigs to work I managed to fail to get my avatar to work and literally lose the link to my sig so that it is now gone forever.

I'm going to take this opportunity to reinvent my forum avatar and sig persona.

Any suggestions and helpful hints about what would suit me? I'm totally at a loss for what to replace it with.
By mikema63
How did other people know how to find that stuff when I didn't? :?:

Well, anyway, before I fall back into using the old stuff I still want to at least consider making some changes if anyone can think of anything appropriate. I've been using that sig and avatar since I origionally joined years ago. :hmm:
By mikema63
So, I've decided on a new avatar. Now I just need to think up a new sig.

Whatever happened to varax? He was pretty good at making them as I recall.
By mikema63
Craig Venter.

He helped mapped the Human genome and was one of the people who jointly announced success. He actually played a big role in speeding up the process by creating his own company and using an approach originally rejected by the human genome project.

He is also a pioneer in synthetic biology and has created a company focused on extending the human lifespan.

One of those big picture mad scientist types.
By mikema63
Yeah pretty much, I'm studying molecular biology with a focus on neuroscience which has a lot of overlap with stuff like synthetic biology, genetics, etc.

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