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The easiest thing for a ruined and domesticated people to do is to appoint a king or queen, and then act as simple and mindless appendages to his-her caprices.

This is called "hierarchy." Or a pyramid sceme. Or top-down. Or a cult. Or oligarchy.

Who are YOUR favorite royals? (Are you allowed to say?)


soundtrack(enriched with product placement)
"royalty is a drag"


What a drag! : n. unpleasant or uninteresting

Doing drag: n. transvestitism; dressing up as in a costume; playing a role by wearing a costume

Take a drag: vt. a puff or inhalation of a cigarette, pipe, or joint

To drag someone: v. slow, laborious movement of moving someone from A to B, usually reluctantly


In a 60 Minutes interview in 1996, Madeline Albright, when asked if the death of a half million Iraqi children was worth it, replied that "we think" it's worth it. This was a discussion about the sanctions that the USA was enforcing against Iraq back then.

She got a lot of grief for saying this. But it's important to listen to her exact words. "WE" think it's worth it. She isn't giving her own opinion here, nor her own moral judgement. She is expressing the groupthink of a group, of her associates, of the oligarch class.

She is revealing to the public that, for the oligarch class, lives are just like so many eggs to smash when making an omelette.

Royalty often demands human sacrifices in order to feel immortal.

royalty is a drag
ness31 wrote:I don’t get most of your sigs Qatz, but this one I like.

I'm glad you like this one, ness.

But in the future, if a sig is confusing or inaccessible, you just have to ask questions in the Sig Explanation thread. I am only happy to explain them. :)
QatzelOk wrote:Disney can provide what you are looking for.

Which is a great advantage to them, right? I mean being self-explanatory. They don't need a chain of explanations to make themselves understandable. :lol:
MistyTiger wrote:Nice sig, but where are the cookies? :hmm:

Let me rush in and explain.

"Milk and cookies" is something that has been marketed as *healthy and wholesome* despite containing refined sugar, lard, cholesterol and other mostly-unhealthy ingredients.

Is it clear now?
ness31 wrote:I don’t get most of your sigs Qatz, but this one I like.

Had you realised that Madeleine Albright is the drag queen and it's some ruins in Iraq (?) behind her before it was explained? Congratulations if you had. :up: Also, did the text below the picture help you get the point in any way or was the whole thing rather a confusing hotchpotch?
How can anyone forget that interview with Albright? I was shocked.

So many despicable, blood thirsty administrations over the years, so I didn’t mind Trump for the very reason that he didn’t slaughter thousands in some needless war.

How quickly everyone forgets stuff eh?
killing witches for royalty is a drag

Q: What are "witches" in this context?

A: Drag queen royals have devised many categories of witches, which they can then command their "subjects" to burn.

There are two primary categories of Witch: Political Witches, and Common Witches.

Imagepolitical witches are often considered great leaders in their own nations

Examples of Political Witches
(Witches who may be killed, and the countries they rule, pillaged for resources)


Martin Luther King Jr.....Preached equality between people
JFK...............................Contradicted mafia demands
Salvador Allende............Evil social programs, threat to colonialism
Mohamed Mossadegh.....Oil nationalization spells, threat to colonialism
Fidel Castro....................Evil social programs, threat to colonialism
Muammar Gaddafi...........Threat to Western bank parasitism, African unity incantations

Imagecommon witches include many people reading this post

Examples of Common Witches
(These witch labels may be used to strip individual humans of their respectablity and ability to debate on an equal footing with non-witches. Respecting these witches is considered an affront to royalty.)


(and there are many more...)

killing witches for royalty is a drag
ness31 wrote:How can anyone forget that interview with Albright?

Albright is just old news unless someone's really preoccupied with her. The only noticeable thing she recently did was that she supported HRC's presidential campaign, as a feminist mostly, I wonder if it contributed to her defeat. However, if someone means to refer to her as a meme, a picture of herself should rather be used, I guess. It would be self-explanatory and functional that way, she has a clownish appearance anyway. Or maybe her name should be mentioned at least.

Beren wrote:Albright is just old news unless someone's really preoccupied with her. The only noticeable thing she recently did was that she supported HRC's presidential campaign...

Yes, Hillary had some a nice cackle when asked about the brutal murder of Muammar Gaddafi which was part of the colonial destruction of Libya:

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