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The non-democratic state: Platonism, Fascism, Theocracy, Monarchy etc.
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@Political Interest ,@Victoribus Spolia ,@Drlee ,@Decky ,@Potemkin , and others, I am going to post my conclusions now after the musings and reflections on this thread, and the contributions of others I have to say have been most valuable.

I labelled this thread somewhat flippantly; ' a ''return'' to traditionalism, a rejection of ''communism''', with the implication of the quote marks that something deeper was involved and acknowledged by myself. In the beginning I announced that I believed that private property was at least a concession to human sin and folly much as polygamy and divorce in the past, and held in theory to the monarchical principle. I also indicated that I remained an Anti-capitalist. I also averred that regardless of my personal beliefs, it was Anarcho-Capitalism that was the ideology that would dominate the 21st century even although Fascism itself would also make a comeback.

I also discussed if only to prevent their discussion, a number of other traditional beliefs which I hold sacrosanct and inviolate, and are adamant about to the end. (@Victoribus Spolia , my ''material monism'' which I discussed is one of these. Yet however I do hold of course that God Himself, apart from the Incarnation of the God-Man Jesus Christ, is beyond categorical comments, transcendent and immanent, and can be the One and Three Who are rightfully called ''Spirit'', and the Observer of Berkeley that insures Matter as not being a self-existent eternal or independent reality of itself).

What with the conclusion of this thread I can say is that I am;

1. No longer a Monarchist. Only God is Monarch.

2. Still a Socialist, in a qualified ''Soviet'' (as in ''Council'' Democracy/Republic) and even ''Bolshevik'' (as in; ''Bol'Sheva''=''Majority'', for the People, the laboring classes) in a sense, supporting the System that was built while understanding that tremendous errors where made in the spiritual realm which eventually undermined and collapsed the Soviet Union and it's allies. I am not a Marxist Leninist in that I cannot abide it's godlessness.

3. The ''Tradition'' I have returned to is not the traditions of men then, but the Traditions of God, the Apostolic Teaching. And the ''Communism'' which I have rejected is thus the godless sort which was and is doomed to fail.

4. I accept ''personal property'', but make the distinction as others do between that and ''private property'', Land and the other means of Production which belong to no one individual.

5. I condemn the excesses and crimes of the American, French, and Russian Revolutions, the sins and mistakes of the Revolutionaries, while accepting the results, the setbacks and failures that mean that the struggle for justice in this world is imperfect, but must be fought.

6. As a corollary of #5, I understand that counter-revolution, is as much a part of the natural dialectic in this fallen world as revolution, and that good men and evil men are found on both sides, or even in the same beating breast of a person's heart, and that I won't forget my humanity with enemies of a rival material political and socio-economic system in this life even if I struggle with them for my own. Lessons from the American Civil War. What is un-natural and artificial is the modern liberalism which ''delays the decision'', and the Modernism which replaces values and denudes them of meaning altogether.

7. If my pessimism is correct and Barbarism wins out over Socialism, then I am a child of my age and will plan accordingly. Just because I say things are the way they are, or will be the way they will be, one cannot necessarily conclude that I approve, or condemn, by this alone.

8. Statism does lead to Socialism as Libertarians and Anarcho-Capitalists worry over, and is not as I previously considered a usurpation of a spiritual role, itself usurped in historical fact.But this I do not consider wrong, instead I see it as a positive development, the advance of civilization over barbarism, of common good and public trust over private ''rights'' and ''privileges'' based on accidents of birth or wealth or force and fraud...

Although my conclusion may appear incomplete or somewhat inconclusive, I have determined that these are the stands I will take into the foreseeable future, God forgive me my mediocrity, and so I finish the journey of this thread. Post comments if you like that i'll answer, but my main purpose here is done on this thread.

Thank you and God bless you all, in sincere gratitude!
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