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Sobit Asadullah wrote:I take a constitution and an independent supreme court for granted in an authoritarian society,

I sure don't....

but to those who don't, if a leader goes insane or abuses his power, how can said leader be impeached? Also, does the leader have terms in power?

No terms in power. If he screws up he is either dumped, like Mussolini, or killed by others in his regime. After Adolf blundered at Stalingrad, he barely escaped assassination at least thrice.
Rich wrote:Hitler didn't blinder at Stalingrad. He blundered in not getting rid of Halder a lot earlier.

Yes Adolf blundered by wasting vast resources trying to take the city. This deprived army group A of the strength to advance into the oil producing areas and the Don flank of the means to resist the Soviet counteroffensive, which trapped 6th.
The means of getting rid of dictators may seem messy but it can be a small price to pay for the advantages of authoritarianism. It's hard to believe any dictator would be invincible if much of the State or inner circle turns against him.

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