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By Aekos
A gnostic religion at least as old as Christianity. At first glance, they seem Christian - but they reject Jesus as a "false prophet." Then they seem at least Abrahamic, they revere Adam, Noah, Abel, etc - but they reject Abraham as a "false prophet."

John the Baptist is their greatest prophet. They consider Jerusalem a "city of wickedness" and the Abrahamic god an "evil spirit."

So essentially it's an old religion with roots in Abrahamic practice but is essentially anti-Abrahamic. Interesting :p.
By Hungarian
I'm a tad confused, can you provide more information about this religion? What essentially "do" they believe?
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By Paradigm

1. A supreme formless Entity, the expression of which in time and space is creation of spiritual, etheric, and material worlds and beings. Production of these is delegated by It to a creator or creators who originated in It. The cosmos is created by Archetypal Man, who produces it in similitude to his own shape.
2. Dualism: a cosmic Father and Mother, Light and Darkness, Right and Left, syzygy in cosmic and microcosmic form.
3. As a feature of this dualism, counter-types, a world of ideas.
4. The soul is portrayed as an exile, a captive: her home and origin being the supreme Entity to which she eventually returns.
5. Planets and stars influence fate and human beings, and are also places of detention after death.
6. A saviour spirit or saviour spirits which assist the soul on her journey through life and after it to 'worlds of light'.
7. A cult-language of symbol and metaphor. Ideas and qualities are personified.
8. 'Mysteries', i.e. sacraments to aid and purify the soul, to ensure her rebirth into a spiritual body, and her ascent from the world of matter. These are often adaptations of existing seasonal and traditional rites to which an esoteric interpretation is attached. In the case of the Naá¹£oreans this interpretation is based upon the Creation story (see 1 and 2), especially on the Divine Man, Adam, as crowned and anointed King-priest.
9. Great secrecy is enjoined upon initiates; full explanation of 1, 2, and 8 being reserved for those considered able to understand and preserve the gnosis.
By Hungarian
Sorry, I knew about the "Wiki" entry but I try my best to avoid internet provided information. I usually like gaining my knowledge through people who are knowledgeable on the topic. But thank you, I will look into the Wiki entry.
By Aekos
They're the oldest continuously surviving gnostic group. Strangely enough, they've managed to survive under Muslim rule in Syria, where they're protected as "People of the Book."

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