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I was going to make a poll but realized that there are so many different views that there was no way to do that. So what philosophical schools of thought are you closest to?


I prefer expressionism (a form of moral nihilism) that says that there is no moral truth and when we say something is wrong we are only expressing our personal opposition to it.


I'm more of a coherentist, belief is justified by it coherence with all of your systems other beliefs.


I'm a materialist
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I'm currently writing a book on this subject, but here's a brief, abridged version:


Moral particularism mixed with virtue ethics.


Foundherentism, but with a more open-ended intuitionist approach.


A kind of organicist approach that attempts to reconcile process philosophy with object-oriented ontology.
Ethics :

Something close to christianism and socialism.

Epistemology :


Metaphysics :

A mashup of monotheism, pantheism and taoism.
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That sounds like a euphemism for being on speed to me.
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I think that my ethical views are quite traditionalist and I believe in what amounts to virtue ethics. However, this is somewhat tainted by a sort of view of Immanuel Kant I share that, while there is a God and there is an absolute concept of total goodness, it is something that we cannot perfectly know. I also want to emphasize that I share a sort of Platonic / Confucianist approach to the necessity of cultivating moral ethics within a person, and avoiding certain pitfalls that steer people towards moral indiscretion and lassitude.

Metaphysically, I think it would suffice to say that I am not a materialist. And on some level I am sympathetic with the classic Buddhist school of the Sarvastivada. I believe that there are certain aggregates that combine to infuse something, but that a lot of these things are extraordinarily empty otherwise, and lack any total true consistency or meaning. But this has been tempered with my Christian belief in a Soul, and thus in some sort of core within the person, so to speak. But this isn't incredibly different from a Buddhist view because while they would reject perhaps the concept of 'soul' to some degree they replace it merely with the idea of a continued mind, and thi sis all debatable.

This has led me to be somewhat of an instrumentalist in the philosophy of science; that is to say that I believe a lot of the science we have is dependent upon a somewhat incomplete conceptualization of a thing based off of the instrumental (and otherwise human orientated) feedback we receive from it. In a sense, I use this to hammer home the idea that science only partially has any relevance or truth -- and certainly very little in terms of a lot of questions.

This topic is very hard, though, and I do not know how appropriate it is for people to just say, "Oh, I'm a bloopety-blah in metaphysics and a hummanah-hah in ethics, etc." That is not to say people who are doing this are totally invalid, and these titles certainly give us a good deal of help in understanding and classifying their view, but at the same time... I am not sure how set I would be (or how much anyone would be) in necessarily pigeonholing or standing by their views to this extent.
Terrible thread. Stinks of elitism.

Should be derailed in an act of defiance.
RA wrote:...this thread just makes me feel bad.

I wrote 6000 words over Christmas on my epistemological position, for my doctorate, and I still couldn't tell you what it is!!

I have a love/hate relationship with philosophy; it fascinates me and I'd love to understand it but I hate the fact that it's so incomprehensible. It almost seems as if all one need do is add '-ism' or '-ology' to the end of something and, hey presto! you've invented a new philosophy.

As far as ethics goes, I find both deontology and utlitarianism wanting, but what other options beyond pragmatism does one have?
It's hard to break things down into the three categories given (though this is a classic thing to do). Nonetheless, I will briefly try.

I suppose Epicureanism. Especially the Tetrapharmakos, though that moves out of ethics a bit.




I am a supporter of Schopenhauer's Mitleidsethik. It mostly emphasizes the importance of compassion as a mean of overcoming suffering. Schopenhauer formulated his own highest moral principle as a response to Kant's categorical imperative: Neminem laede; imo omnes, quantum potes, juva - Don't hurt anybody, but help everyone as far as you can.


I can't really subscribe to one particular school of thougt in this field.


Cartesian Dualist.
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My philosophical position should be updated o reflect this feeling.
Gletkin wrote:I remember having a philosophy TA that seemed to despise me.

Why do you think they hated you?

Were they a RAAYYYY-CISSS..?

mikema63 wrote:What if we die every time we go to sleep and the person that wakes up is a copy with our memories?

What if our dreams are real, and our waking hours are just a dream?

What if... There... Is a God, and you are disobeying Him?

What if... There is reincarnation, and due to our sins and non-compliance with Buddhist principles, we will be reborn as lesser lifeforms for eons until the Kali Yuga passes and the great Bodhisatvas lead us out of this cycle of prolonged misery...?

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