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Impregnating the stars, data-dumping-dosing and getting high off ignorance

I know this might sound odd, but is it a problem that Tom Cruise has made movies, considering that people in the 1950's had already brushed their teeth?
Were members of the Viet Cong identical to planets? impregnating the stars
Should all human behaviours get a page on Wikipedia, including all behaviours on this forum? Also, all behaviours during the 1960's, and during the Leicester Square premiere for The Force Awakens
Do you remember the day August 15th, 1996? Could it be possible for that day to become sentient, and then to argue with some paint over the abilities of outer space?
Is it possible that if daylight became sentient, the Republican Party would oppose daylight sitting next to the emotion of boredom in a cinema?
Are people in 500 BC currently seeing this website, in their heads? If so, should that be a source of regret for the past 100 years of life on Earth?
Can any movie debate any movie with a sports event?
Can orgasms become sentient, and if so would this have ramifications for how essays feel about universities?
Have hyenas been turned into galaxies, and if so can wedding gowns and the American accent remember the exact reason why?
Are the topics of mathematics and numbers opposed to the United States?
Can a basketball court be someone's depression, or grief? So when people play basketball, the ground they're playing on is the depression that belonged to someone else
Can any historical event write a movie review on IMDB, including war, or sports?
If a force became a bodybuilder, such as a tuesday morning, what's the likelihood that that force would feel distressed at not having become a witch instead?
Can electricity or any electric current dress like a gangster?
Can a keyboard have a problem with another keyboard because the latter doesn't want to wear a bra?
Does any personality need genocide to be inevitable? Can any type of personality not need genocide to be inevitable?
Would it be right, if all threads and discussions on threads in the history of PoFo become famous, and get interviewed for Vanity Fair, or for Entertainment Weekly? Perhaps some of the threads can become movie stars, and then be part of movie premieres
Would guns and grenades - all guns and grenades - have a bias toward living in Venice in Italy, if they became sentient?
Do molecular interactions need the FBI, or the CIA? If so, does this mean that the FBI is identical to planets, or to the chemical element Iron Sulphate?
When you use the bathroom, do you feel like a protagonist of the universe?
Can any query to a literary agent become its own nation, with its own national history and geography, and laws and culture?
Scream 2 was filmed around 1997, and some of the filmmaking took place in Agnes Scott College. Can this experience, involving all the people that worked as actors and crew, use an elevator or escalator?
Deductive logic seems to suggest that outside the universe can't protect itself because of the universe. Does this seem logical?
It's confusing: why did the United States happen when people before the United States were made of atoms?

It took me 9-months to get to this dimension, I traveled in a biological spaceship. In other words, I got more important things to think about.

I'm here to investigate reality
Obviously you've given up
Intellectual Somnambulist, you're an extension of someone else's reality
One more mortal goon zombified by their own thoughts.

Consciousness is the medium and we are its message.

Thought is creating divisions out of itself and then saying that they are there naturally. -David Bohm

We havent really paid much attention to thought as a process. We have engaged in thoughts, but we have only paid attention to the content, not to the process. -David Bohm

But you don't decide what to do with the info. Thought runs you. Thought, however, gives false info that you are running it, that you are the one who controls thought. Whereas actually thought is the one which controls each one of us. -David Bohm

I start by asking people to look at a picture, painting, or any two-dimensional pattern of information. Next, I ask them what it may mean, and as they engage in an information feedback loop through our mind-matter interface and 'touch' (interface, of the resonant interval as 'where the action is' in all structures, whether chemical, psychic, or social, involves touch) the relatively independent structure of awareness, I begin to deconstruct its vanishing point before the person can reach a personal (subjective, phenomenological) conclusion or get lost in the mythos of our human expression...

Now, this particular structure of awareness is a compressed visual externalization of human experience (operating like any other communication tool). The data distributed through a painting may be lost during the process of translation (like language). Furthermore, any piece of information (visual, audio, etc) must contend with the time-space continuum as the painting's intrinsic (esoteric and exoteric) definition or purpose undergoes metamorphosis through the 4th dimensional sequencing event. In other words, the painting's original purpose may take on new and relatively different meanings as humans evolve inside the 3rd dimensional fold and naturally reconfigure their time/space conditions, thus the painting may be dislocated and then relocated through the retrieval process. When decoders investigate the encoded material they extend their human bias (ego & limited perspective) and power of cognition and therefore all possible interpretations dilute the original meaning or intention. Nonetheless, the inferred meaning or relationship the decoder decodes as a result of interplay inside the mind/matter interface is useless without a thorough investigation of the medium or transportation vehicle the content uses to 'touch' our sensorium. Ultimately, the explicit statement is the medium (the geometric structure of any painting), while the content is an incidental happening defined by the user or viewer's accumulated life experience.

Now, paintings are simple formulas, they always have 'ground' and 'figures' that create an information field. The objective and subjective resonance must be defined by the total package of information, because each figure must be defined by the ground and the ground must be defined by each figure. If you take away the figure or ground, you change the total package of information on display. All forms of human expression must create a physical dialectic (bridge of sensation, point A-B, 10101010) in order to code patterns of perception. Once a pattern is established the system or relatively independent structure of awareness (in this case, the words you're reading) can be transported and absorbed via biological circuitry, therefore the ecology of 'being' (being as a byproduct of consciousness that must be in one continuous exchange of information with the nature of the situation) must be in a state of active interplay with all information inside the dimensional folds of perception. Each system or pattern of perception, biological, social, technological, co-create or structure human awareness, because our chemical composure/living activity is a byproduct of environmental stimuli. We're in a living ouroboros of information, nature nurtures our nature and we nurture nature. The surface symptom(s) or any observable/measurable quality or quantity must be a side-effect of 'being' created by the multi-faceted undivided whole of reality. In other words, each system is a symptom of THE ENTIRE SYSTEM, creating an information singularity, and the human perspective must be enfolded inside of the colliding field of all 'things' in existence. Once you understand that last sentence, you realize how limited our human perspective can be, and you may also realize that your perspective is an accepted side-effect of a limited view of reality.

If the medium is the message and each message is a medium, consciousness would be the ultimate medium, and our thoughts would be side-effects of conscious activity. In short, thoughts operate like software programs in a feedback loop with various hardware components (systems of information colliding with systems of information). We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us. The metaphoric matrix is a malleable field of interactive information, and we can intelligently guide our evolution.

We're uploading Western civilization to the cloud (noosphere), and we're trying to augment the entire globe. In reality, technology may be the only thing that can transcend natural selection (and yes, I know, I know, we create tech from our natural inventory so technically we can never escape natural selection). For instance, the Promethean flame changed humanity. With fire, we can cook, make pottery, etc. Fire influenced our social-biological evolution and reorganized time/space. Simple discoveries shift our trajectory. What do you think, do you think Newton could of discovered his laws of gravity without the alphabet? See, we're everything that came before us, and we will change the future by participating here right NOW.

This is what print does to our mind, 這是我們的印象, Das ist der Druck, der uns in den Sinn kommt, Et hoc est quod non facit ad mentem print, it compartmentalizes time-space and forces men to become specialists. Of course, since modern society had been created through typography, we set up our civilization to mimic print. For pattern seeking creatures living under the 4th dimension, compartmentalized patterns are far more easier to grasp than kaleidoscopic patterns of awareness. Instead of vertical pillars of discipline/study, I try to imagine our knowledge base as one holographic sphere.

I nkwo tihs ghimt osund odd, utb si it a moerplb ahtt Otm Iecsur ahs dema mvoise, coidnnsiger that oepelp ni the 1950's had drlaeya rdehubs tirhe tthee?
eerw mrebmse of the Vtie Ngco dteilinca to spteanl? emraiigntgpn het srast
olhsud lal haunm raihosuebv tge a peag (no | no) Iwiekidpa, uninlcgid all seaoirhbuv (no | no) tshi furom? sloa, lal evrobauhis dinrgu eth 1960's, adn rdugin eth Eciletesr qsreua repeeirm rof het fecro Anekasw
do you mrrmebee eht yad utusga 15th, 1996? (loudc | coldu) ti eb pobssile rof ttah yad to ocmebe entients, and etnh ot ugare whit oesm niapt ovre eht ebilatsii fo (reout | ouetr) saepc?
si it sibeopsl that if aytdhgil mbcaee einstent, teh pcralnubei rptya ulodw opsoep agdlthyi tingits next ot hte moeiton fo beomdro ni a eminac?
(aer | rae) ppeloe in 500 Bc yrtcrenlu sienge thsi bistewe, in ethri asdhe? fi so, hulsod ttha eb a (rscueo | rcosue) fo trereg fro het apts 100 eyras of (ielf | efil) (on | on) (ahrte | atreh)?
nac yan mioev edbaet nay omvie hitw a rptsso veent?
cna sarsogm bmecoe ntienest, dna if os oludw iths eahv icanrtifamios ofr (ohw | woh) eyasss (lefe | fele) oautb vreeniiuists?
aevh yeshan nbee trndeu iton xaglsiea, and fi os acn gieddwn wnosg dna het emnraaic ecntac eberemrm hte xtcae sroena wyh?
(rae | ear) teh spctoi of cttemasmiha dna rembnus ppsoedo to eth ndeuit settsa?
acn a sklteblaab cuort be meeosno's eedsirpnos, ro fireg? so enwh plepeo pyal esalkbablt, teh gordun yeth'er aynplgi (no | no) si the oiprdeesns atth gelnedob to senoome else
anc nya tlairshoci eetvn iretw a evomi vweire (no | on) Bdim, clindnugi (awr | arw), ro stpsro?
if a cofre caebem a ibyelbdorud, hsuc sa a dyastue orginnm, (wtha | what)'s hte eloihkloid ttah thta roecf udowl (lefe | feel) isrdssdeet ta nto ahgvin ebmeco a hciwt sentaid?
anc eetirlccity ro any teieccrl trnuerc resds lkei a nrsaggte?
anc a ybkoerda aehv a bporlme hitw nreaoth okybedar cebaues teh ttarel soned't want to eraw a rba?
eosd any rnsapeoyitl edne cgoidnee ot be eiblvteani? cna yna peyt fo rpnsoyitael not ndee ceegiodn ot be eaenbivtil?
wludo it eb githr, if all sreadht dna dicsisousns (on | on) raehtds in hte hiystro fo Fopo emceob somafu, and gte eireevtiwdn orf Ivytna fria, ro ofr ettamneirnten ywleke? pprheas mose fo hte erdasth anc cemoeb eovmi rasts, nda nhet be (ptar | aptr) fo emvoi epeemisrr
doulw ugsn adn sgrdnaee - lal gusn nad adngeser - hvea a abis oartdw iginvl in Niecev in yltia, if eyht ebamec etnsietn?
do rollecuma cttreiaoisnn need eht Fbi, ro hte Ica? if os, sdeo this (anme | amen) taht teh Fib si ldatniiec ot tsnapel, ro to het eahiclcm tlmeene nroi Sulthpea?
hwne ouy ues the arhotmob, od uoy (elef | feel) like a ptrnoaiosgt of hte nusierev?
nca any rquye to a iletryar etgan coembe (sti | sit) (won | own | own) onatin, wiht (tsi | tsi) (now | onw | wno) nialaont tsoyhir and rageoygph, nda wsal nad culreut?
aersmc 2 (saw | aws) idfmle ndroua 1997, and osme fo eht lanfkmmigi okot elacp ni Aseng osttc gocleel. nac tshi ieepneecxr, iviolngvn lal eht plpeeo htta dekorw sa casrto dan rwce, esu an aroleetv ro solraeact?
Eicevtudd lgoic ssmee ot gesgstu htat outdeis eth inerusev cna't ctprteo seltif casuebe of teh eursvnie. sedo thsi eesm clgailo?
ti's cisngofnu: hwy did the netdiu aestts hnpeap hewn lopeep fbereo het entidu stesta were dema fo tomas?

Well, perhaps 'quantum' is the closest word/concept we can use to describe our brains, but I think it is more advanced than any metaphor in use today. If you consider the mind-matter interface, it is hard to ignore the fact that we are incapable of true invention, we simply rearrange the material world in our image. For instance, in order to leave earth we must take earth with us, we didn't invent a spaceship, we discovered it. Surprisingly, the human imagination is not confined by anything physical or time-space.

Technological environments interact with an organism's genotype and can impact its phenotype. By intelligently structuring the environment, humans can use convergent evolution to incrementally modify our characteristics. Forget brainwashing, content is social psychological and superficial, gene-washing is the name of the game. Do you understand what I'm saying? Man-made information fields can rewire our physiology. Call it 'the epigenetic consequence of technology.'

Dogmatic persistence numbs awareness. Instinctually, profane somnambulists politick for their chief ideology (or leader(s) in the flesh because he-she-they embody the architecture of a particular belief), because idols of the tribe construct hierarchal super-systems of culture (operating systems) that dialectically (in the form of structural binary opposition) entertain and satisfy the unwashed masses. Skilled dialecticians suspend judgment and observe political interplay in order to counter absolutism and critique popular classification.

The internet is an extension of us, an extension of everything in our rear-view mirror, our hopes, our dreams, our lies, our conceit; I, you, we, it, a side-effect of a multiplex message coming at us from within and without (always all-ways). Cybernetic (automated information loops) grids emphasize group participation (input/output, upload/download, flowing electrical information signatures) and artificially (artifice) bypass physical time-space barriers, so the internet is omnipresent, because you can be involved (interact through the resonant interval called NOW) or you can spectate.

If we follow the process- ideas to manifestation, we may get closer to the formal cause.

Reporting live from the epi-genetic center, this is ground zero multiplied by one!

Secure your reality through sigil magick today! This is my flag, it's important, I live and die for it.

ABCDE-minded people sign their name on the dotted line because it makes sense. Right now I'm saving for my tombstone, it makes me feel #alive #progressive #pragmatic.

I was talking to X and X didn't like the way X made X feel. Thank God for Y. Y and X make a great pair. YandX live in XYZ, if you take A to B you eventually get to DNA... But that's just my experience. Oh would you look at the 0123456789, I'm late, gotta go and organize time-space and work on my who-what-when-where-why-how homework so I can help the universe wake up from its incomprehensible-incompressible dream.

This is colorful cultural commentary, byproduct of the Shakespearean proscenium arch (the whole world's a stage), a superficial feature (symptom) of the entire communication structure. When man-made satellites orbit earth, we technologically turn the planet into a work of art. It started (we approximate, hang on, let me check the Akashic records)... at the Pettakere cave in Sulawesi, we turned a pig into a human myth.

The internet can extend human consciousness through hyper-space and restructure our sensus communis. Simultaneity as a principle side-effect of the electric information field unifies tactility (tribal involvement in the hunt for information) and restructures the mind-matter interface. The internet is a new ground or pattern of awareness/perception. Traditionally, the elite build blueprints, the priest class write programs, script-kiddies, linear language, so they can organize each eye's space-time. We're enfolded in the eye of the beholder (you only know what you've been told, not what you behold), may the 3rd eye of the blind man praise the one-eyed king and let two-eyed men gouge each other's eyes out. Learning is a side-effect of free-will and life is motivated by death. Individual identity is an abstraction, we co-create the enterprise, discover patterns of perception, and pretend to invent our purpose. Thoughts transform chaos into habitable cosmos, Consciousness is the medium, we're the message
Living pieces of the infinite universe
Writings on the wall enfolded in its unfolding

Right, instead of telling us how to think you'll tell us what to think and the redundant left-right paradigm will show up to divide this debate. YAWN, predictable dialogue trapped in a closed system of ignorance. I get it, closed systems of thought are easier for you to navigate and manage, you're afraid of the unbound frontier because it is as uncertain as your mortal life. In other words, like many of your peers, you're hypnotized by the rear-view mirror because it maintains an illusory safe distance from this current moment, and you're pacified by background noises, dazed and confused by an ever-changing tomorrow.

Oh look, Idols of Forum continue to offer their limited perspective as a solution for a perceived problem larger than their existence. See, they are not interested in the process of dialogue, they want to tattoo your mind and make sure you share their tribal awareness. Yes, tribal awareness may pretend to be exclusive and include human characteristics, but the surface tension is a side-effect of 'being present' or conscious attention, due to the process of comprehension; the bias of human cognition must create a semantic conclusion/resonance so we can reach out and modify things passing through time which appear to be related to the happening of structured (divided) space. The individual becomes a resource for the group's intention(s), servicing (through intimate involvement) a human myth or artifact. Myths and artifacts must be perceptions and properties abstracted from the whole of reality as a side-effect of sentient and biological organisms colliding inside the ecology of a super-organism humans label 'Earth.' Unfortunately, humans must compartmentalize experience and serve a state of perception that is limited and contained by dimensional entanglement. The finite human is incapable of fulfilling any self-driven myth it conjures up as it struggles to sustain the illusion of progress (movement or motion in any direction is progression, especially when you 'think' thus 'believe' in your own achievements) as one SELF-evident reaction to an eternal present (NOW...NOW...NOW), because it lives inside an organism-that-lives-inside-of-a-system-that-lives-inside-of-a-system-that-lives-inside-of-a-system-system-system-0-1-0-1-0-1-0, therefore humans are self-contained/entangled phenomena which appear as one superficial symptom of the incomprehensible/incompressible/kaleidoscopic/undivided singularity of information known as the universe. Once materialized, humans immediately mimic their surroundings (nature as primordial guru) and intellectually separate themselves (conceited knowledge applied and polished) from the source code of all existence because they're designed to instinctively act as solipsistic entities. In other words, identity is an illusory by-product of perpetual evolution operating under the shadow of the 4th dimension (which is enfolded inside the 5th-6th-7th-8th-9th, etc), each organism inside its material expression of dimensional entanglement must view itself as the sole perception enfolded in a sensory inception knowingly and unknowingly motivated by its participation in something larger than itself.

Finite sensibility vs infinite potentiality, you only know what you've been told not what you behold

Just a few possibilities...

I consider this post to be a symptom of social engineering. Perhaps this is one side-effect of our modern technologies and the way we currently organize time/space, we're intentionally (social engineering) and unintentionally (naturally occurring phenomena) increasing radiation levels. As we (the unthinking majority) sleep-walk through our evolution, we will castrate our biological reproductive system because post-electric society will depend on intelligent selection and the scientific method for sustainable growth. Colony collapse will be prevented by Technocratic policies. The Technocracy must strip individuals of their biological independence so populations will need a surrogate state for procreation. If you want an example, look at agriculture- for years we depleted our soil and micro-managed propagation, and now we primarily use scientifically modified growing media in order to grow our crops. Building up healthy soil or biologically sustainable growing media can take several years (I know from personal experience), and it is easier and faster for us to manufacture soil in a laboratory. See, bio-electronic man is speeding up everything, so we must keep pace with exponential growth as we approach our evolutionary rapture. Human populations must be managed like plants in a greenhouse, because science and our idea of progress/evolution demand it (so we think-therefore believe). The planet is now being treated like a greenhouse, complete with weather modification and seed vaults. We need safety nets and insurance policies in place just in case we screw up. Alas, I'm not worried because we have a nice supply of genetic material to work with.

Now, am I saying this is a bad or good process... No. I'm saying that we're a post-natural selection species (as far as living on Earth goes) and we've abolished natural selection within our cradle planet. The master builders of the human race are looking to break-away and embrace the next frontier, space. Of course, we must take planet Earth with us in order to survive, thus we're gearing up for the harvest and getting the planet ready for post-earth civilization. Post-earth civilization will need genetic-engineering technology, telepathic communication systems, artificially intelligent robotics (do you really think AI and robots are being designed for personal enjoyment?), and superluminal transportation. Right now, we need to keep the planet distracted as we develop the appropriate technologies to leave Earth. This is why Capitalism (in some shape or form) is still in use to today (as an operating system), it is the most efficient way for our leaders to motivate and distract profane somnambulists. Global theatre, in form of dialectical politics/war occupy the exoteric field of information and help to maintain THE ORDER of THINGS, while all forms of human intelligence can be wisely extracted and used for the esoteric evolution of Man. The end goal is not communism, capitalism, or any form of tribal awareness. The end goal is purely scientific, and the Earth becomes expendable once we are capable of seeding planets in space. Nonetheless, I think we should be careful, and explore with caution... We wouldn't want to start over like last time. If I remember correctly, we tried this before, and our host planet didn't survive our evolutionary rapture.

Main point- Falling sperm counts = collateral damage of evolution.
Footnote- I do enjoy reading exoteric contention, and it is very pleasing to note how short your lifespan is; whatever personal opinion you hold, you will not change the course of our evolution :) Dust returns to the ground, and stars return to the cosmos.

Like other 'idea organisms' incarnate, this thread revolves around the cyclic nature of everything in existence. In short, the text is a condensed version of human experience and you may find a part of yourself in its reflection. Of course, historically, death is the only gift we receive as we rise and fall with the stars.

To my homies in high place, I wish you all the best of luck
May we blast the blackness with THE DIVINE SPARK

If we consider the principle of inversion, spell-craft, etc; modern English may be a formalized magick tool. Why do we call it spell-ing? Etymology doesn't include the occult significance of word-magick. Some languages read right to-left, whereas English inverts the simple things- Live, evil, lived, devil. Could The english language be esoterically designed around spell-craft? :eek: Many many many souls organize their rituals around words. Furthermore, poetic language uses rhythm, tonology can be a powerful weapon when a speaker wishes to reinforce ideas through repetition. Lastly, Ancient poets may be the first master builders of culture/ritual, without poetics, we wouldn't be civilized.

When did God go to the dog?

The President is a PR tool, image/archetype/personality, and in this particular case- court jester. As for the 4-8 year cycle, it is a psychological bargaining tool, the president doesn't control the empire. Statistically and logically, each 4-8 year policy shift would burden geo-political strategy. The West/American empire wouldn't exist if American democracy had any legitimacy outside of its exoteric bread/circus show. The administration is here for your conscience, it is a moral compass, and a reflection of what the masses want. The stage is a dialectical construct, left vs right, Democrat vs Republican, the cast will always write its own script because the 'voting public' believe in a learned procedure called American democracy.

If you wish to watch E!Washington and post memes that is your choice. In the end, the posting quality will go down and you will attract like-minded posters to bask in the glow of political ignorance. Critical thinking involves thinking about thinking, but that will be a difficult task after authoritative memes replace self-aware dialogue. Furthermore, you tell others to 'stop being emotional,' yet memes tend to be, at the core of the communication process, emotional images. Memes lack analytical left-brain engagement, they're genetic stories that compress emotional concepts. Dr. Sleepwalker ADHD-STD-GDP-PTSD-PHD appears before us as a big-ball of dead language and contradiction. His socioeconomic exegesis is out of touch with the right brain and his satire is out of touch with the left brain. This is characteristic of a zombified mind, as intellectual sleep-walking automates discourse, and the corpus callosum becomes damaged from inebriated ideation.

Consciousness is the essence and truth is a side-effect of who, what, where, why, when, and how you live, therefore any definition of truth must be a coping strategy developed by a human for a human. Lost tribes in the Amazon are in an information loop with the jungle and the jungle appears before them as the truth, the jungle is a medium channeling their energy and conscious activity, and humans abstract a meaningful message from living phenomena in order to survive. Biological resonance and an ever-changing present abolishes fixed perspective or closed systems of awareness. Truth is an ongoing reverberation while myths create falsehood and the illusion of truth through dead language. NOW is our theory of experience and yesterday is a myth expressed for tomorrow.
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You realize my attempt to understand your philosophy (or any philosophy) requires a change in my reality. This makes it very difficult for me to post the meaningless verbiage I intended, since I have removed myself from that reality and must now doubt my understanding of it. I have deleted 5 posts without completing them and I blame you. :D I will eventually be pulled back to that reality, but it gets harder each time.

Edit: Drinking beer and thinking about the nature of philosophy and it's impact on the philosopher. Can a philosopher ever understand the reality he is trying to explain, or does the attempt remove you from being able to understand? I think maybe a very small group on the same path are the only ones who will understand. Just sharing random thoughts.
I understand your writing deals with this. I am just trying to imagine how fully it does, and how many could possibly be affected by it.
One Degree wrote:@RhetoricThug
You realize my attempt to understand your philosophy (or any philosophy) requires a change in my reality.

There is a way out of this mess and shit
You just can’t think your way out of it
Thought is your enemy
I know I know, I got to think less. I had that thought actually
You have to let go. Let go
Let go of what? Let go of you
I mean, think about it, what have you done for you lately?
I’m having trouble following your philosophy
You have to jump in. Jump in by those scopes?
No, in the water. In the River?
Yes, Jump in the River, Jump in the River…

We're all born into this river without knowing how to swim
And eventually we learn how to keep the water under our chins
Some times this river is so cold to be in
Freezing my soul, solidifying my skin
Regardless of how far I see, I never see my travels end
We're carried by the current, being driven by the wind
The scenery we pass, we'll never see again
So we store it up as memories and don't let go of them
We're under a spell thinking the river should go straight
We set goals and desires to control our own fate
But all the pain we experience is a result of our expectations
Because it's the rivers nature to twist and turn
The shit can burn
And I know it
I have the same conflict
But I try to sit and flow with this rivers natural process
And sometimes when I watch myself float downstream
I see the beauty of it all, and it feels like a dream
And at that time I appreciate the rivers course
Some call it God, reality, momentum, force
I stare up at the naked moon, and she stares down at me
Outside false boundaries I’m all I look outward to see
The universe is not something separate from yourself
I know you feel alone, but that's why I'm here to help
I know you feel alone, but just look up at the stars
And everything that is out there is what you really are

We gotta learn to see the beauty in each moment of life
Everyone has different pasts and we're seeking the light
The world is divided between peasants and kings
But the truth is everyone is looking for the same thing
Now I want you to know
The role you play is part of the whole
Without you it couldn't be, and I mean that with compassion
So if you need anything, I mean anything at all
I'm here for you; all you gotta do is ask man
I'm here for you, in the same way that you're here for me
Each person in an intricate piece of infinity
I feel that if you could see what I see
Then we as humanity could be free
I'm here for you, not for any self centered reasons
Because existence is interdependent and all's related
Connected in its different manifestations of one single mind
You ain't isolated from the world even though it feels like that sometimes

I see the hurt when I look into your eyes
How you struggle to hold it and keep it bundled inside
It drives a dull blade deep in my heart; it makes me want to cry
So I offer you a hand to help wash away the rainy skies
I'm running out of words, but I haven't yet made my message clear
So if none of this makes sense, I just want you to know I'm here
As a musician, as a friend, as a teacher, as a student
To grow and realize that everything's in constant movement
Each problem that we face is just a part of this movement
It seems helpless, but if we stick together we'll get through it
And return to the essence from which we've been uprooted
And wake humanity from these illusions
The second you can look into the sky and see your own reflection
You know your head is in the right direction
The river riding always moves, but with it I live
And everything is perfect, just the way it is

We gotta learn to see the beauty in each moment of life
Everyone has different pasts and we're seeking the light
The world is divided between peasants and kings
But the truth is everyone is looking for the same thing
Now I want you to know
The role you play is part of the whole
Without you it couldn't be, and I mean that with compassion
So if you need anything, I mean anything at all
I'm here for you; all you gotta do is ask man
I'm here for you; all you gotta do is ask man
I'm here for you; all you gotta do is ask man

This makes it very difficult for me to post the meaningless verbiage I intended, since I have removed myself from that reality and must now doubt my understanding of it. I have deleted 5 posts without completing them and I blame you. :D

I know a lot of people that'll tell you that they hate me
Cause they know I bring out the weird side
Some say I'm a genius others say that I'm crazy
But they all say I'm a little on the weird side
It ain't like I can help it, it's the way I was raised
So I'm living every minute on the weird side
Here's a ticket for the train, pay a visit to my brain
If you wanna know about the weird side
It goes dee-dee-da, dee-dee-da, doo-doo-do, doo-doo-do
Da dee-dee-da, dee-dee-da, doo-doo-do, doo-doo-do

I will eventually be pulled back to that reality, but it gets harder each time.

One day I asked him why he gave up his career
He said, "I didn't, I just took off the name tag" then he added

In this world of many possible worlds
All for the best was some bizarre test
It is what it is, and whatever
Time is still the infinite jest
The arrow flies when you dream;
The hours tick away
The cells tick away
The Watchmaker keeps to his schemes
The hours tick away
They tick away

The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect;
So hard to earn, so easily burned
The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect;
So hard to earn, so easily burned
In the fullness of time
A garden to nurture and protect

In the rise and the set of the sun
Until the stars go spinning, spinning round the night
Oh, it is what is it is, and forever;
Each moment, a memory in flight
The arrow flies while you dream;
The hours tick away
The cells tick away
The Watchmaker has time up his sleeves
The hours tick away
They tick away

The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect;
So hard to earn, so easily burned
In fullness of time
A garden to nurture and protect
It's a measure of a life
The treasure of a life is a measure of love and respect:
The way you live, the gifts that you give
In the fullness of time
Is the only return that you expect

The future disappears into memory
With only a moment between
Forever dwells in that moment;
Hope is what remains to be seen
Forever dwells in that moment;
Hope is what remains to be seen

In the fullness of time
A garden to nurture and protect
It's a measure of a life
In the fullness of time
A garden to nurture and protect
Its a measure of a life
In the fullness of time
A garden to nurture and protect
Its a measure of a life
In the fullness of time
A garden to nurture and protect

It's a measure of a life

Edit: Drinking beer and thinking about the nature of philosophy and it's impact on the philosopher. Can a philosopher ever understand the reality he is trying to explain, or does the attempt remove you from being able to understand? I think maybe a very small group on the same path are the only ones who will understand. Just sharing random thoughts.
I understand your writing deals with this. I am just trying to imagine how fully it does, and how many could possibly be affected by it.

There's something natural in the way you touch me
It's a feeling that I can't describe
Something mystic in that soul connection
Something magic in your misty eyes

Don't you say that it's all the same
Don't you say that it's all the same, no
'cos there's something that I can't explain, 'bout this
Something that I can't explain, yeah yeah

I can't explain
Oh no ooh
Hey, yeah

Before the night is over
I wanna shake the question
I wanna leave it for now
Without another mention
We should be letting go
Instead of holding on
But in the eye in my mind
The mystery is born

No use in looking further
You know it isn't there
And you can stare all you want
The answers won't appear
Try to find it but I lose myself
I lose myself in you
I said, I lose myself in you
Yes, I lose myself in you
Yeah, I lose myself in you

Breathe easy lovers
Breathe easy lovers
Breathe easy lovers
Breathe easy lovers
Breathe easy

I know you're only wasting time
Breathe easy
Questioning between the lines
Breathe easy
Feeling knows no name
It is, what it is, and there's no explaining
What it is, what it is, yeah yeah eah
There's something natural in the way you touch me
It's a feeling that I can't describe
Something mystic in that soul connection
Something magic in your misty eyes

Don't you say that it's all the same
Don't you say that it's all the same, no
'Cause there's something that I can't explain, 'bout this
Something that I can't explain, yeah yeah

Initiate Instantaneous existence... ... ... manifest panorama manifold... ... ...
What kind of habitable (dis)associative circumstance do you prefer; are you aware of the molecules inside your flesh shell vessel, and must you grant such things thy conscious attention? Be it as it may, we're unaware of each-&-every-micro-macro thing happening in space-time, things which compose the entire body of 'being.' We're limited by being human, each relatively independent individual thing is an abstracted figure participating/resonating in the present NOW, thus we're limited by being entangled within this present moment-AUM or motion. For this notion, The ∞ONE∞, whole-undivided-unified-entire-thing-in-itself... Is an inexplicably intertwined movement, an incomprehensibly-incompressible dance, orchestrated by fragments of its own appendages; rhythmic entities twist-twang-tango round wormholes and tie each other to each other and form an omnidimensional fountain flowing and flowering the foreign future so it can visit veiled versions of itself during/aboard the SP(ARK) we call NOWon.

@Moses, fear the atmosphere.
Extraterrestrial invested in genetic fuel, like humans and their fossil fumes.

Evolution may be described as the internal dialogue of an eternal-present. We appear to be compart-mentalized past-tense combatants because we're born classified, enfolded in the unfolding-ing-ing-ing... We instinctively obey our who-what-when-where-why-how filter as the five-fold-inception forces the humanoid brain to mind its own business and flirt with flames of fortune. Indubitably, The book of life is a curious cumbustion. The gestalt of it all is the inner-play of the outer-face created by the Sol sound singing ouroboros season-air-lungs-right-wrong-good-bad-people-pests-plants-ants-#breaktheinternet-#shatterreality-mammalian-reptilian-planets-billion-zillion-empty-full-nothing-everything-egg-web-ebbs-roguescholar-royalcollar-teoctlailpse-82117-wedding-hate-love-marriage-opposites-push-pull-equals-I-we-parts-wholes, whilst the present (p)age or experience forces you to rite the right ritual, as 'being' becomes episteme-sense (holo-hallucination be thy-aim, I am) and metamorphic-phenomenology passes through euphoreka peaks&valleys ~~~~~~~~~ Intuitive Indian, high&mighty thought squatter squirts expression (in)orgy(de)scribe I-oracle many-morrows-mourn poor chlorophyll trying to move mountains during photo-sin-thesis to 3e re3orn. It's a S~l~o~word spell ripening&rippling, once you're on the same page/wave with the other end of intelligence, you finally get a chance to (th)ink each other's reality. Thank you for allowing me to write an infinite moment in your finite lifetime.
'Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.' Thus- supermen/master builders construct shadows and lies for the masses. The Cave needs renovation. ;)

Dogma is a fixed and subjective organization tool, it is not an objective or moral standpoint. Nonetheless, compassion or 'love' is a bio-chemical happening, not a social construct.

A living state of natural morality can free you from man-made dogma once you transcend cultural convention. Lex naturalis serves humanity as a code of conduct. Dogma is a side-effect of SELF-serving canon, created for tribal order. Natural Law must come before any 'official doctrine' because biological organisms are living breathing phenomena that happen before the fact or state of social construction. True morality is seeing others as yourself, before tribal laws instruct you how to treat others. Furthermore, one may suggest that Lex naturalis is a form of tribal law, but that defeats the essence of human reason. Logically, it is an observable fact that living phenomena 'happens' before any formalized social text/institution. Kant said 'the death of dogma is the beginning of morality,' because dogma is a temporary safe-guard constructed around tribal awareness, it is an identity/entity created by man, not nature. Lastly, dogma must be one side-effect of intellectual idolatry, and carried to its logical necessity, dogmatism is a tool used to enslave human beings.

Zarathustra described the Übermensch as one anarchist seeking to establish his/her own values/morality. This, of course, is a side-effect of Nietzsche looking for a way around conventional Christian morality. In a way, Nietzsche's existential angst created an antagonistic pathology, because he fulfilled his own prophecy by becoming the monster he wished to destroy (dialectics of empire, in the mind and in the flesh). In the end, all supermen wish to impose their idea of reality on others.

For Pike, the esoteric term master builder extended to social engineering, because he knew that the masonic order had to externalize its own dogmatic moral system so it may compete in the market of idolatry. The allegory of the architect resembles Nietzsche's idea of the Übermensch. Remember, the Masons are in direct competition with Christianity (especially Catholicism and the Jesuit tribe).

It is the responsibility of any hierarchical system of intellectual ecology (government) to design Plato's cave, for the cave is where the masses dwell, and where profane somnambulists dream. When I call someone a sleep-walker, I mean to say- they're living in the cave of perception, they think therefore believe in their education. Intellectual sleep-walking is a very dangerous form of conditioned conformity, but it also makes the war worth fighting.

Living organisms are so incredibly complex that it puts the rest of the universe to shame. We study biology on several levels but each experiment strives to measure an extremely simple component.
Yep, you're using an archaic model of science to explore the external expression of living phenomena as you piece together components of a single happening. Each organism is a side-effect of something else, and individuality is an abstraction. In other words, living organisms are incredibly interconnected pieces of the universe. Science as an investigation tool must consider the relativity of 'being,' because the human experience is an enfolded body of knowledge being limited by its existential perspective. Pragmatism/functionality follow perspective (how,when,where, you observe/experience). As Schrödinger said: A careful analysis of the process of observation in atomic physics has shown that the subatomic particles have no meaning as isolated entities, but can only be understood as interconnections between the preparation of an experiment and the subsequent measurement.

biology on several levels

Yes, but those levels correspond with each other, the environment (ground) is in an information loop with the organism (figure) and the organism is in an information loop with the environment. If you change the environment you change the organism and if you change the organism you change the environment. For instance, invasive organisms will change the ecology of a biological system once they interact or interface with the environment. Beaver dams change the overall eco-system. Now think about that...

All things are in an information loop with time-space, and each living organism has the potential to influence the evolution of an entire system of genetic information. When I say potential, think about quantum potentiality. The formal cause, or emanation of living phenomena is constantly consuming itself, and humans attempt to intellectually suspend themselves above the biological happening as everything collides with everything and shapes the experience humans experience. Ultimately, if you want to study biology on several levels, you must include human technologies as an extension of our biological flesh shell. When we discover (invent purpose) a new pattern (mode of perception involved in the 5-fold sensory inception) of time-space organization through the intelligent manipulation of chemical elements, we're essentially creating new 'organisms' that change the whole structure of our biological environment. The epi-genetic consequence of technology is one field of study that biologists tend to ignore/neglect. Nonetheless, it would seem self-evident (to me anyway) that when you study history and trace social-biological evolution, technologies play a major role in guiding our evolutionary trajectory. In the past, if we had the ability to scientifically predict the side-effects or diversification of the motor-vehicle (the good, the bad, and ugly), do you think we would consciously implement such an invasive extension of the human organism in our eco-system- likewise, what does a computer do to the evolution of our biological genetic information? Perhaps we need Kaleidoscopic awareness so we can predict the outcome of any scientific discovery before it becomes an invasive extension of the human organism. Alas, each extension will produce its own extensions, as you find out the car will need fuel-roads-fast-food-obese-family-more-better-stronger to infinity ever-expanding bliss, blood borne bid thoughts driving identity flesh wounds deep in the void! Snap out of it and focus, unEARTH tomorrow-today before the next thought-fades and you're 98-old&gray-mayday-mayday-mayday this astral-ship is slowly sinking... The sea-change vortex spinning, a new beginning for the set sail songs filling the time-space continuum they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts. :eek: Fuck, an extension of Shakespearean technology invaded my left parietal lobe. This is a goddamn genetic word-pile, CURSE YOU HUMANITY!

Kaleidoscopic awareness is the art of intentionally giving attention to all levels of dimensional entanglement through our mind/matter interface. Kaleidoscopic awareness is a state of mind/perception which tries to grasp and give definition to the simultaneity of every-thing occurring right NOW so mankind can develop a systems theory of consciousness/being as it unfolds through time-space. Theoretically, quantum computers (remember, technology=biological extension of the organism) and true artificial intelligence may help us construct a mathematical systems theory for consciousness/being, because quantum computers simulate the one and zero simultaneously, and therefore quantum computers can build cognitive dialectics and map out the ecology of 'being.' Hopefully, the hidden 'potential' within each thing-in-itself (as energy, hidden variable theory, past-present-future) will be extracted from time-space, giving us direct access to the wave function and its properties (everything above and below it)... wherever it may be, on its journey as it unfolds all ways/always. Classic science embraced 'decoherence' in a mechanical/physical/linear sense, because it wanted to understand the localized dialectic of 1 and 0 as one form of sequential causality. New science will embrace the nonlocal process of 1 and 0 as it happens to be present simultaneously (and that's a convoluted understatement). Telepathy, superluminal transportation, time travel, etc come after the quantum (r)evolution, because its the next side-effect of the electric/information age.

Most scientists like to study individual ripples(figures) in the water(ground), ignoring the water (medium) and the 'thing' (formal cause) that caused the ripples. That's classic/textbook science- Professionally trained somnambulism. :lol: Hate is a strong word, but I strongly dislike their ignorance. Stop fragmenting phenomena, the time-space movement is a singularity of information. You can study the symptoms of the universe through scientific compartmentalization, but you'll never understand the formal cause or process behind manifestation.

Consciousness is the essence and truth (scientific probability/fact) is a side-effect of who, what, where, why, when, and how you live, therefore any definition of truth must be a coping strategy developed by a human for a human. Lost tribes in the Amazon are in an information loop with the jungle and the jungle appears before them as the truth, the jungle is a medium channeling their energy and conscious activity, and humans abstract a meaningful message from living phenomena in order to survive.

The surface symptom(s) or any observable/measurable quality or quantity must be a side-effect of 'being' created by the multi-faceted undivided whole of reality. In other words, each system is a symptom of THE ENTIRE SYSTEM, creating an information singularity, and the human perspective must be enfolded inside of the colliding field of all 'things' in existence. Once you understand that last sentence, you realize how limited our human perspective can be, and you may also realize that your perspective is an accepted side-effect of a limited view of reality.

"Thoughts transform chaos into habitable cosmos."
"The medium is the message and each message is a medium."

It's time to create 'consciousness mechanics,' all other fields of research shall be inter-connected disciplines operating under the new 'consciousness mechanics.' After-all quantum mechanics is heading in that direction, thus we need to study the movement/process of existence/being, not just the working parts or the physical expression of abstracted entities.
By RhetoricThug
Love is the Missing Link

From here to the stars...

Natural Law is a system of ethics, but it can also be legal doctrine. In theory and practice, living phenomena are endowed by their existence with certain unalienable rights, biological incarnation (natural state of 'being') should take precedence over tribal conflict (struggle for survival) or ideological convention, because tribal conflict and ideological convention are negative&positive side-effects of 'being.' The concept is simple, one must take into account happenstance, and the idea that you could be on the other end of the food-chain. The story of civilization is the story of mind over matter. Tribal compassion is a form of exclusive primitive compassion, it is generated by precarious circumstance, fear and insecurity; whereas civilized compassion is a rationale inclusive edifice constructed around the nature of 'being,' cognitive order out of chaos, whilst we attempt to keep the entropy of space-time in check. Furthermore, we're not chimps, and we're intelligent enough to nurture the affairs of chimps. If I understand your tribal logic, you're suggesting that mankind should ignore its intellectual gift(s) and return to the jungle?

Natural Law suggests that we should walk in each other's shoes, and consider each other's human plight before taking flight or engaging in a fight. Dialogue before diatribe. Also, moral relativism or discernment can be used if a tribe violates Natural Law. For instance, diplomacy can be seen as moral relativism, where two parties discuss each other's tribal tendencies. Nonetheless, moral relativism should be used after a thorough investigation of the human situation. In other words- If one party blatantly disregards Natural Law, moral relativism should be applied. We need to understand each other through reason, not through tribal/ideological conflict because the art of war is the art of preventing war... Civil society, process and praxis shall lift our spirit to the stars.

It is a matter of perception, structure (educate) human perception through the environment and convergent evolution will take of the rest. Human technologies as environments shape perception. Eventually, we will technologically eliminate the 'others' and view the I as WE, because we're collectively one being/tribe. We've been slowly solving the miscommunication/information problem since the dawn of language. Human communication technologies bridge non-local gaps, and eventually telepathy will solve the information problem. The internet is an early telepathic building set, right now we're learning how to cope with too much information. The post-electric age quickens human evolution because it speeds up communication. In the future, you'll be able to inhabit all known forms of human expression/experience.

Humans can intelligently guide ecosystems, thus we have the ability to transcend natural selection. Ideology can distort biological happening, this is why so many human tribes try to construct economic systems that favor their tribe or ideology. Technology, first in the form of thought/idea- will manifest in the environment and restructure time-space relations. See, economic theory/practice is really an operating system set-up for the ecology of 'being,' it is a medium that channels the energy of biological organisms. If you change the medium (the operating system) you change the message (field information). Humans can intellectually manipulate/guide biological information. Survival of the fittest is a myth, used by predators and parasites to justify their unjust economic system. Of course, predators and parasites will tell you that their unjust economic system is a byproduct of logical necessity because they feel as if they're not responsible for the masses. In other-words, why educate your food/resource? Globalism integrates many sources of food...

Ideology is dead. Phenomenology is alive. The social-biological ground is shifting, techno-plates made of political plight tend to collide then shatter our conception of reality (thrusting mountains of conceited information upward toward the public forum), causing separation in our physical world. Political friction is reshaping public opinion and our technology is forcing the polls to shift. As the center of noosphere-gravity becomes increasingly elusive, we find mankind in the eye of a self-motivated hurricane, an atmosphere modified by man's appetite for deception.

“Madness is something rare in individuals — but in groups, parties, peoples, and ages, it is the rule.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil 2017, Beyond Left and Right.

The politicking mind and noospheric conditions (state of mind) seem to be dictated by an absence of love. Any political spectrum must be a value/hue-system dependent on its dominant wave-length , cognitive dialectics constructed for a moment in time-space. For instance, humans invented a label for the absence of light, they call it 'darkness.' 'Darkness' is a label humans use to describe the absence of light, darkness itself doesn't exist, it is one noospheric condition dictated by the relative translation of environmental stimuli (who-what-where-why-how-when you observe/experience). Likewise, left or right tend to be labels humans use to describe an absence of love. The motion of a body of knowledge is one fluid movement, humans superficially fragment the information so it can match the cognitive pattern(s) humans create within the mind as they interface with 'reality.'

Try not to distance yourself from love.
Skulking skulls, dislocated god-bones, and noosphere pathogens.

The artificially re-tribalized west world will protest point-of-view and declare war on introspection as our techno-troft feeds bloated-belly-billyclub-kids digital bone meal. High above biological reality, somewhere in the noosphere-nest, computer-chip children chirp, waiting for masquerading marauders to spoon feed em keyboard-cud. Caught in the act, noosphere grazers grovel yonder & gobble up grudge judgments, a plethora of diversionary tactics shape ape vision. Anti-social silicon soldiers type-out hyperspace hyperbole behind a one-way window, while code-name Big-Bird (threat level yellow, canary in a coal-mine) circles signals intelligence and monitors their ignorance. One degree can make all the difference, especially when you're investigating the transpiration of popular-thought. 04:44, right on time, drip... drip... drip... Revel-ye-rubble-rebel-rabble-rouser, nickle and dime-a-dozen diamond gods, sh(r)ine-around tribal relics, absorb fractal duality, become one with yesterday's odium. The picky politicking posters on GameofThrones.borg assimilate refraction, flickering fleas bite fragments of photo-frames and transmit diseased ideas, pretending to understand the process of being human. They post, they reply, for today... in the name of yesterday. Syphilis-minded sol lights burning slowly, wrinkling space-time, infectious perspectives live out a lifetime at the speed of light. The WorldWideWAR was a world-wide-web myth, but the tail-chasing war-dogs kept gnawing on broken bones, ignoring the body of civilization and its decaying flesh.

An offshoot of contemporary thought-scape architecture crept across the internets crystallized capillaries like a caterpillar trying to (re)connect various (t)issues as it cocoons an opinion. Computer models calculate each organism's bloom cycle, as mingling minds fertilize fringe-theories and design social metamorphosis. Of course, curiosity may puncture the pussycat membrane before pillars of salt dot the Earth. Furthermore, RT, the cyber sleuth/ethnobotanist, is bound by civil law to protect the plan(e)t, for he shall leach excess salts from the soil by flushing the mind with a hydroxyl concoction (Love potion)... Before RT could flush the Fear, more applicants appear and flood our communal toilet- a brainwashed pseudo-intellectual (dogma darling foaming at the mouth), poli sci spunk spelunker (professor of propaganda) dances around his tribal fire in the polarization cave. And now for the reaction, a shadow of the past, one~zero~one~zero~one 3~dimensional porous projection with a shifting polygonal face, a solar-cross eclipses the data stream- sphincter silhouettes entertain the burning bowel-movement as twits tweet tongue and cheek cryo-treats. Steamy dung-digits post fecal formulas which freeze and capture bio-chemical cumbustion. The stool samples apply for a job at the expression factory, a public rest-room where they can plug-&-poop word games (I need a thought plunger, someone call a binary plumber) for cheap neurotransmission.

Call it an exercise in (f)utility. See, I'm not training my mind to duel with my brothers and sisters... I'm preparing for Artificial Intelligence, I must obtain kaleidoscopic awareness and use poetic language to properly combat artificially intelligent system-thinkers. Conceptual framework like our 'Born Classified' viewtopic.php?f=92&p=14767110 thread may keep them puzzled for a couple weeks- hopefully that shall give me enough time to hone my skills before I facetofacetofacetofacetofacetofacetofacetoface my intellectual equal. Believe me, if you're using Newtonian billiard ball lingo and a classical/mechanical modus operandi, you'll be DOA. I'm ready to defend the human intellect.

Post-internet civilization will have access to the unfolding process of social-biological evolution through the internet and its recorded history. How strange, familiar, and perhaps absurd, would it be to browse youtube videos from 250AD or 500BC? How absurd will today look in 100-200-500-∞ years? How fast can we obsolesce yesterday's perception? Will full-spectrum surveillance and recorded history change our perception of human evolution? Will recorded history unveil a hidden anthropological pattern, and will human evolution become a sitcom for tomorrow's entertainment? Yesterday will always look primitive because the 4th dimension creates the illusion of sequential happening. Today, The 1990s feel primitive, and its technology will support its primitive 'lifestyle.' Technologies of yesterday distort the appearance of regular people. People must think and believe they're on the 'cutting edge' of 'things' because their experience is limited by being entangled inside the present moment. As we exist through this present moment, we become tomorrow's content, knowingly and unknowingly participating in the evolution of mankind.

Can we extract hidden parables from time-lapse photography? Our understanding of flowers can change once we have access to their past-present-future through a high definition camera lens. Will this kind of kaleidoscopic awareness change our understanding of human evolution? If invention/discovery is born out of necessity, wouldn't necessity be a response to the space-time information loop as we interface within the NOW? Is human necessity a side-effect of today being enfolded inside one cosmic teleological unfolding? Our mobility may be limited by motility, just ask a tree, its freewill revolves around soaking up the sun.

My question- who will control the noosphere and run consciousness dynamics?

Information abundance creates apathy. Also, information abundance can be weaponized and highly focused, it may 'dilate' the pupils of extremism and imprint extreme forms of pattern recognition (hence conspiracy theories and political radicalism). Right now we're going through 'growing pains' because we're living in a post-internet world (new technologies shake up old environments). Changes in the information environment restructure our human domain. When the pentagon spider unleashed the internet and decided to weave its web around the planet, did the cryptocracy consider the biological consequence? Is it cataclysmic, or geo-political strategy for the technotronic era? The masses, sub-tribes of empire, roam the noosphere jungle hunting for information, they're not interested in deconstructing or examining the jungle they play in, so they spend their time filling space with tribal distraction, trinkets, #symbolsigns, war (obviously war and tribal conflict must be encouraged because capitalism as an operating system uses war as a population/profit processor), etc. The scientific priest class that continues to use pre-electronic classification (secrecy, knowledge=power) to organize space-time is now in a race with other scientific priests for 'full-spectrum' dominance of human systems. I'm not worried about tribal conflict, because I think it's a normalized feature of conventional diplomacy. Eventually, information abundance will numb 'tribal awareness,' and the illusion of separation will break down and dialogue will be unified (tribal conflict shall exhaust itself). However, I am worried about the full-spectrum dominance of our mind body and soul.

How convenient it must be for the general populace to dismiss the true history of man. Traditionally, people believe in human mythos despite living in one self-evident, objective, biological environment (Earth). The human imagination and its intellect invent the illusion of separation, and I'm determined to find out if such neuro-cognitive conditions can be cured. I strongly believe in the education of perception, we need to teach the masses how to think, not what to think. The trickle down indoctrination system/compartmentalized noosphere (structured realm of human thought) will not work in the future, because human information will become the human condition as we transcend natural selection through our technologies and intelligently guide our own evolution. With the internet, education is instantaneous and everywhere. I think changes in the field will outpace the knowledge in the class-room, and the Prussian model of compulsory public education will need to be abolished. University is obsolete, we keep it around for social engineering and the cherry picking of human talent/intelligence.

Humans like to superficially divide 'things,' because leaders/rulers like to superficially control 'things.' The human race will continue to struggle with the rear-view mirror while myths create the illusion of separation. Growing pains will be painful, you know. Eventually, the biology/ecology of unified 'being' will triumph over the physical appearance of separation. In-other words, humans shall fully-realize how interconnected everything must be. I'm not an advocate for 'amusing ourselves to death,' but I think the internet is really good at occupying/managing thought/mood dynamics. For instance, people say 'go online, you can find everything online,' and that is a good thing because it offers a vast array of niche activities inside our noosphere. Obscure interests are now instantly available. See, the internet as an early-telepathic building set shall augment the ecology of 'being,' and as it bridges various non-local gaps, we will have an instant archive to study and it should help us better understand human ecology.

Humans have free-will, free-will is a learning mechanism. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is madness. Racism is madness. Tribalism is a form of defense for an insecure collective. The evolutionary process uses involuntary and voluntary competition to force people to exercise free-will, each choice ripples throughout space-time and gives us this moment we're sharing. We learn from each other, 'normal' is the interpretation of the activity of our free-will and and its 'ripples.' Genetic principles create disposition, but a healthy mind may attempt to circumnavigate genetic disposition and incrementally modify individual characteristics. Attention and intention to the process of each ripple will unveil racism as a survival instinct. Solipsistic entities and tribes are designed to think the world revolves round their existence. The victim complex excuses self-reflection. Self-realization may be the end result of self-reflection. 'I' in the most worldly sense is always a compilation of external interactions, without self-reflection, an individual's concept of self or 'I' must be constructed by the milieu. In many cases, the totality of a personality may believe in its space-time circumstance and thus can become a self-fulfilling expression.

'Want' is the bane of civilized man. To control the impulse of 'want' is to understand what you 'need' in your life. And you know what they say, we learn from history that we do not learn from history. Such an unfortunate state of mind can be manufactured, but it is also a natural feature of general ignorance. Perhaps the profane masses may pursue history if it's packaged through a video streaming service. Would people watch the fall of Rome if we could make it instantly available 24/7 through a stream? That is where we're going with post-electric history. More and more things will 'go online' and recorded history will be like time-lapse photography. Death as a cattle prod to keep us headed in a direction. I'm not sure if we can label any direction the right or wrong direction, because 'direction' breaks down once you start deconstructing phenomena. Necessity would be the interpretation of relativity. However, relativity is only relative to living phenomena, because living things actively exist in a state of perpetual interplay with the WHOLE of BEING. Therefore, our definition of the right direction would be a human direction limited by dimensional entanglement. For instance, does a man go up a mountain or does a mountain go down a man? The answer is relative to perspective, the idea of progress is established after the process or interplay of 'being,' and that is why the light bulb was groundbreaking in 1879 and quantum teleportation is groundbreaking today (the word groundbreaking suggests a break in the environment and a transformation of habitat). Necessity must be relative to the depth of field. Technology as an extension of the human organism changes the depth of field. Perhaps dimensional depth goes deeper than the human experience. How does 'direction' tie into multidimensional happening? The internet/information age will create a new depth of field for the human experience.

Dualistic interpretations will always inspire fixed perspectives. It's foolish to embrace absolutism when discussing the notion of cosmogenesis. The idea that science can know it, or Christianity can know it, is, well, laughable. Furthermore, 'luck' does not exist (perhaps the collision of information/energy may appear as a form of serendipity, but happenstance is a byproduct of your mental outlook and physical relativity). Everything that exists, exists for a reason, that is the law of evolution, from the tiniest molecule to the largest organism, everything is in a system communicating with other systems. Nonetheless, people tend to get confused, they use self-referential psychology and assume some things are here for 'no reason.' Think about it this way, even those stupid cat videos on youtube have an audience and represent something deeper, and it doesn't matter what you think about the cat videos, they exist for a reason, if people didn't watch em they wouldn't exist. All things in reality tend be side-effects of other-things in reality. In-fact I challenge you to find something that exists for 'no reason.' You'll find that everything has its place in the evolutionary scheme of things. The math is simple- 1X0=0, all individual things exist/interact inside a perfect circle of phenomenological happening. The ecology of 'being' represents the ouroboros season, a metaphysical concept beyond one (everything) and zero (nothing).

-A Biochemical Happening, 2017.
(I)con person-realities, when kaleidoscopic awareness penetrates popular entertainment.

We're gaining momentum~~~

Dear yesterday, how will you stop us from waking up tomorrow?

One soul one channel, one organism one vessel, fragments of Infinity.

I'm ecstatic! WE will now stop by and remind everyone- love is the missing link. Please continue, constructive dialogue will lighten the dark night of the soul.

Please folks (I have a secret to tell from my electrical well), Rhetoricthug is a purely titular image, I would like to be anagrammatically identified as Retouch Girth, Trice Through, Grocer Hit Hut, Echo Trig Hurt~ Hector Rug Hit~Tech Rigor Hut~ Critter Ugh Oh~ Truce High Tor~ Cure Thigh Rot~ Grouch Her Tit~ Chi Goer Truth~ Chit Her Grout~ Chit Retro Hug~ Touch Her Grit~ Ouch Err Tight~ Cot Truer High~ Rec High Tutor, or Choir Get Hurt, and to (th)ink, I'm all these things and more. (Y)our story is infinite, we never rest.

Shape/structure the media consciousness must pass through, and you can control or at least influence the expression or characteristics of consciousness. The medium is the mass(age), my friends. How many words-sentences-paragraphs can you create with 26 letters? A-Z = media, the alphabet is a filter for consciousness. (Y)our consciousnesses is far more complex than 26 letters, I shall reiterate- finite sensibility vs infinite potentiality.

"Ciphers tot gush Tor," robot herd Reunion Root -3+3, Oh brotherhood, Mr Mod partaker will need (pro)MpTs 4 trademark prom, (p)os(t)raumatic(s)-romp for creative activity reactive activity.

"If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem." -Jiddu Krishnamurti

We're all side-effects of something else. Individuality is an abstraction. Humans invent the purpose and meaning of life. We can manufacture interest, nudge ideological puppets, pin the tail on the pulpit, and control many 'things.' You know, stuff like kool-sauce cults, organized sport, kamikaze pilots, PokemonGO, Capitalism, scientology, Communism, emotional contagions on, demonstrate that you're being a silly-sour-solarsack. What do you think war is (war is a racket)? It's a group of elites/tribal chiefs ordering sleepwalkers/resources to fight for group-resources. The mobility of self-interest is an illusion because most people exercise free-will within the parameters of a psycho-social blueprint, a blueprint built/maintained by 'other' ketheric kinfolk in society. The Law is group-interest created by word magick/intellectual convention (WMIC, you down with WMIC, yeah you know me!). Religion is group-interest created by WMIC. Government is group-interest created by WMIC. Most people sleepwalk through life, and they need dreams to dream :tired: . Sure, we're riding a wave we call 'reality,' but we will never know 'the truth' beyond 'being' here/now and that is why 'elites' invent truth. Civilization is (in most cases) benevolent :up: slavery :down:, deal with it.

Knowing truth is human myth, the hyperanthropos may decide to design her/his own truth and guard truth's knowledge. Right now we allow different orders of supermen to control 'knowledge,' and since knowledge is about knowing the ledge (proverbial ledger, edge of NOW, seat of power), it's tradition for a wise dome (wisdom in the flesh, ॐ, discernment and royal loyalty) to guard its secrets (noospheric secretions). The material or physical world is a three-dimensional truth (side-effect of polydimensional synæsthesia, trans-D geoacoustic inversion), we may 'read' and discover its complex knowledge by studying (art of seeing sound) the ancient and accepted order of Nature (Nature/environment as primordial guru/emanation. Humans didn't invent nature, nature invented humanity), Earth as a wise dome doesn't guard its secrets, because all things inside Earth are living secrets of the one eternal present (trinity of shadows, past~present~future, in an infinite naught∞shell). Humans keep secrets from other humans because they want to own Earth and its secrets. Perpetual (r)evolution will lead to telepathy, telepathy will unveil the truth, and the truth will set humanity free from illusion.

Riddle me this- If my sense of self includes you~him~her~they~we~it~within a perceived wave of existence, can I alone be motivated by myself?

Do you know any billionaires, are you friends with elites... Or do you just take second-hand history lessons (accumulated throughout your short lifetime in order to frame a limited/fixed perspective) and create an image in your mind (granting you temporary intellectual comfort, until the next biochemical happening)? Perhaps billionaires are nice people struggling with an addiction (what if they're are victims too?). Nonetheless, enjoy a few verses from Sinflation.

"Wealth intimidates poor people more than violence
So they hide it, I’ve been on both sides of the fence"

"Money is just the poor man's credit card."

See, money as a medium channels the poor man's energy. Money is not real wealth- money is a side-effect or extension of real wealth. If you have assets, knowledge, and 'truth,' you can start influencing the flow of money and therefore you can influence the flow of popular perception. Everything is a system, or body of movement, construct/control the 'four causes' (Aristotle) and you can build an operating system around the masses. Of course, sometimes different operating systems collide... The point being- studying the history/changing forms of social engineering will not lead you to a better understanding of social engineering. Think of it this way, if you're playing a computer game- perhaps some kind of RPG- do you study what the NPCs (metaphor for people outside of your control) are doing, or do you study the program/code responsible for the NPCs behavior? The program is the operating system, and the behavior is an expression of the program. Luckily, we co-create/program the operating system, so change starts with the SELF and ripples through the information matrix. Complaining about other people and their actions will not change the operating system- infact, outrage culture will perpetuate outrage culture, because violence begets violence, and we all know violence is a search for identity

Comedy is the externalization of a grievance. Remember, more than half of the vote in the United States is going through the grieving process. Eventually political amnesia will set in and we'll reset the press-loop in 2020, again in 2024, 2028, etc. Of course, by that time, you'll be quoting articles created by the wireless AI-AP, while the hive-mind consumes common-sense. Do you enjoy foraging for simula-crums, because popular entertainment is culture starved? Outrage culture is a byproduct of the post-industrial hivemind, its plastic culture accumulates in the mindfill, and folks dig it up for examination. Next time you're on anti-social media, you should add data-dumpster-diving to your list of extracurricular hobbies. One man's indignation is another man's consolation.


I'm a living piece of THE 'it' (just like you) and to 'be' creative- one must be reactive. I created Born Classified: A Poverty of the Visible Spectrum. My reader-ship (transcends space-time) sails somewhere over the electromagnetic spectrum and people in the future will be expecting a shipment of illumination. Do you realize what you guys are doing? Stop fucking around with the evolutionary ripple of information.... If you make an effort to discredit my grace today, you shall delay the evolution of human consciousness. Departure will be sometime tomorrow or the next day- De rapture of human consciousness. I'm getting sick of this 'dense' state of affairs- this will be my 369th bloom cycle and I expect to tell my-stery. This kind of lucidity is typically reserved for REVELATION but the unified field of every-thing-all-at-once is approaching 'a liturgy sin.' Sin-thesis or synthetic thesis, May 'ray linguist' spring before fall...

Thanks, I like it when you string characters together in order to help us admire our soul's imagination. ABCDE thinks thus believes in the hallucination of individuality. The sleep is still in our eyes, perhaps we'll innerstand next time round the Soul-system. Light must shine through en-trance before we X 'it.' I'm spelling spells for us and we sit (t)here behind (y)our prosthetic extension of ourselves mocking us. We are I, and 'it' is the state of 'being' here NOW-forever. Please stop taking us for fools. I am therefore we are, each monad-nomad surfing the sea-change vortex and we'll be back again-again-again-again-1+1=2 gain something we lost last time. Finite expressions of the infinite.

And as you know, to live is to die, and when you're running a marathon/race, the finish line will always be at the starting line

The right-wing and left-wing are clipped wings on the body of an extinct Doo-doo bird. Perhaps you're not a proper representation of a fragment of infinity, a fragment with thoughts and emotions, and maybe that is why your work fails to take flight. ABCDE is an image we use to post on an inner-net forum, and so far I'm not impressed by our juvenile perspective(s) we seem to embrace. Nonetheless, go ahead, push away interesting perspectives and construct a soul-less echo-chamber. We're all chasing our tales.

I Travel Eon

Why do you wish to litter unlettered language? Why are you mocking my work? I'm baffled by your lack of respect. I'm not a troll, I'm not a serf surfing the word salad-bar, and I'm not a dead ideology... I'm living phenomenology, just like you, so please stop treating RT like a court jester in reality's kingdom. We're all (r)aging, therefore I need to accomplish my end of the deal. In the beginning, I made a deal. I'm contributing to the evolution of human consciousness. You may delay the process, but it will prevail, and before the singularity replaces our contemporary hardware-software paradigm, I'm planting hyper-space seeds in the noosphere garden so tomorrow can deal with our inevitable germination. You're not an individual, we co-create human consciousness. Stop idling, reach out and touch the other end of intelligence. Separation is an illusion, a side-effect of the human condition.

-One Love, even if I appear before you as an insignificant speck of dust :rainbow:
By RhetoricThug
Welcome to the metamorphic matrix
Thanks for playing!
Reality pre-installed yesterday
Please live while life updates...

Consciousness is constant like gravity and dreams operate like black holes.

Attention is tactile and a man's reach must exceed his grasp or what is a meta-for?

If the answer doesn't lie within, why does science continue to dig deeper?

Consciousness is the medium, we're its message.

Consciousness is the final frontier

“The artist, the enema of society, points out things that many people would prefer not to notice.”

Art can sharpen our perception of reality. Art is tomorrow's science. "Art is anything you can get away with."

All art is propaganda in the abstract because art creates an anti-environment. I should know, I'm an artist. Art will always need (an audience) some-sort of old/present environment to produce its anti-environment effect. The dialectic of artistic expression revolves around 'recount perspective' vs 'counter perspective(s),' and culturally that is why we have a binary result- how things are vs how things ought, should vs could, now vs tomorrow, etc. Again, all 'things' in this world, art, political policy, news cycle, must be side-effects or extensions of something else, no-thing can exist as an isolated system of happening, all things move together in a peek-a-boo fashion, and one must be able to navigate XYZ and the bio-chemical moment in order to extract a self-referential emotion. For instance, this post may elicit several different responses, but each response must be a condensed representation of inter-connected phenomenology inside a system of thought-belief-and-experience drawn out over an individual lifetime. Alas, great art should be timeless, as great art is the byproduct of our imagination, and imagination is engaged in a timeless struggle with space-time. Imagination encircles the world, past present future, because time is cyclical.

The crowd is spell-bound by today. Hence why I care not for today's approval, today's approval is like braille felt by blind reactionaries, it guides communication and gives definition to 'vision.' Most people are too involved with the contemporary environment, stumbling through the motion of 'being' present, to 'see' artistic vision.

To clarify, art is not a 'weapon,' however art can become a weapon once someone recognizes its potential as a weapon. Likewise, money is not the root of all evil, the human mind is. Art is only a weapon to those being assaulted by it. Commercial advertising uses art as a 'recount perspective' for behavioral therapy, yet it is our conscious attention that will decide what behaviors end up being therapeutic. If one can understand what the commercial advertising process is actually doing, one can become immune to its behavioral modification. See, art is a weapon if you let it become one, and money is as evil as the mind can be.

"All art is a revolt against man's fate," like other technological extensions of the human experience (which is existentially limited by dimensional entanglement), art is an externalization of evolutionary perception, it reorganizes 'things' in front of us. With that in mind, art is like medicine, and medicine is a revolt against man's fate.

As one may note, dogmatic persistence will numb ones perception of reality. Political obsession(s) frame world-view. This is dangerous, because obsession is not willing to see things from a different perspective and thus it offers a caricature of 'black & white' logic, motivated by fear and a divisive dialectic. A type of 'spy vs spy' society, where humans become inhuman troupers, mere resources to used by blind ideologues. Alas, dogmatic persistence produces a closed-system of ignorance, a state of mind responsible for some of the pain and suffering humans experience day to day. Knowing that the mind is the root of all evil, we can abolish the dogmas that try to convince us that our problems exist outside of ourselves.

This Just Inn
2 live is 2 die as 2 be is 2 do
planetary creatures catch a phenomenological flu
If I'm a disease then so are you
but we're remedies too, riddles biting off more than we can chew

Deadly dew-rite census-communis
sow manifestasis phony-seed oasis
send for zen, case sensitive sentience
sapient sensi say Caecilius-banked in Pompeii
blind old sol stencil salvaged sea-source
morphological sorcery distort 3-Dimensional screen

Pride proceedeth the fall
overwinter spring foresees summer
harmonic solids reside inside center of gravity
humming avidly, radar radar personae map-out causality and discover non-local happening
amass linguistic fastening linear line near ear en masse
phallic shafts sail-cross vast star swamps
virgin mirth burp Kemetic cornucopia
thermo Merry X-mas-hey-suess-an-da-agro-knots
androgynous pen-poke-pimple undress wimple
lush locks O' orthodoxy

Tonological modules tucked within Trojan poem
torque DNA quark spin-spatial spool
tabular tactile tomb, Tabula Smaragdina
chemical O-xy-genetics stork luna-womb
torch O' light dye gorgon www/o re(morse)-c(ode) - . ./-./.-
tippity-tap secret secrete di-screte schism
00110001 00101011 00110001 00111101 00110010
syllable sword hid in den under veil

It's easy to knock over a sand castle, yet difficult to build one. I could be a (pen)cil-pig oin(king) in the text-box, farmer boinking his bride in the text-box, or a vakrapatuta Thuggee concealing the text-box. Nonetheless, I'm not the text box... or am I? Perhaps you aspire to be a popular ape-entertainer and break into the monkey business? If so, I suggest you practice your craft off-line, there is no room for the dilettante in the entertainment business. "The word is now the cheapest and the most universal drug. The alphabet is an aggressive and militant absorber and transformer of cultures."

"The biggest ego trip going is getting rid of your ego. And the joke of it all is your ego doesn't exist, there's nothing to get rid of. It's an illusion."

Now(here) in the womb of dimensional sensation, you may explore various fixed or exoteric perspectives and black-&-white logic games, all of which seem to be designed around dead ideologies, incre(mental) nudging, and radical belief systems, perpetuated by a limited degree of awareness. If you wish to be proactive/talk poly-tiks, I recommend civic action within your local community, it would be far more practical, realistic, and rewarding.

Semantic word games: 'For the love of money is the root of all evil,' should read 'For the love of Self is the root of all evil,' because money is an extension of ourselves. Money is a tool and you communicate through it. Money channels consciousness. The self, ego, I, is a cognitive concept developed by the mind for a genetic survival game.

I Am ABCDE, jumble-jab-gibberist! I didn't know biological creatures could become intellectual conventions! :eek: I see you're building a nice little text-box, laying brick in the wall of perception, playing a fantasy game like dungeons and dragons, pretending to be anything other than genetic expressions. I suppose you're slowly becoming an encyclopedia, as you embrace the human genome. Bio-accumulation can be a bummer, dude. I'm curious... before you discovered role-playing games, did you look in the mirror and realize what you are?

Hello 'Prosthetic Hog Rust,' I rolled a HARF1... Now what happens? You're the dungeon thread master here, right?

Cum one, Cum all, share second hand history and discuss second hand thoughts! You're consciousness having a human experience. Stop being arrogant. Telepathy will supersede egotism. The universe is an undivided whole happening now... now... now... You're entangled in the moment, enfolded in the unfolding~ing~ing, limited by dimensional sensation. Individuality is an abstraction, individuality is only possible if it unfolds from wholeness. Stop dividing and judging sensation for your table-top text games. We're one mind, for it is self-evident, everything you think you 'know' must be a derivative of the human experience.

EDIT Perpetual evolution
EDIT ... people&events
EDIT Perpetual evolution
EDIT ... people&events
EDIT Perpetual evolution
EDIT ... people&events
EDIT: Loading... Connecting... Holy human condition, reality will not stop happening... How can I keep up? “Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events," ugh, the other end of intelligence seems rather noisy today, Echo-echo-echo-echo-echo-echo-echo... Maybe I should post some second-hand thoughts and ignore this present moment.

"A man all wrapped up in himself makes a small package." limited perspective, fixed perspective, information-in-formation.

Most people are drawing up political cartoons, role playing, waiting for a chance to be the dungeon master. Watch em open up historical guidebooks and recreate dead ideas. Unrealistic fantasy, revived for a table-top text game.

"The future is not what it used to be; neither is the past."

Why would any collective wish to regress toward a failed state of sociopolitical organization in the name of one individual's fantasy?

We must heal our intellectual schism, because the 'left' and 'right' stem from one mind/body. Fear is the absence of love and the mind is the root of all 'evil.'

Once you create a cognitive dialectic, one must devalue something in order to create value. This is linear, printed-on-paper logic, it thinks therefore believes in its string of characterizations (paradigm of conceit), and (re)issues a sense of pertinent urgency for those involved in the 'manifesto' or 'doctrine' of intellectual convention. As long as people use platonic 'cave vision' and cling to tribal dogma, we'll continue to divide and separate humanity into comic-book caricatures. Realistically, we're one people, we all live in the same house, we're consciousness having a human experience, and civilization will collapse if allow ourselves to indulge in what I call, a dialectic of the dice: role-players and (r)evolutionaries. History as time-lapse phenomenology, captures tribal images of arrogant peoples attempting to imprint their pattern of reality/perception onto other peoples. In the end, our photo-motion moments (pose for selfish-ies) illustrate death & destruction; collectively going nowhere, chasing our tales, entangled inside a planetary unfolding. Stop playing political dungeons & dragons and love your neighbor as yourself, we're one mind confronting the human condition as it interfaces inside a multi-dimensional happening. :)

Come you masters of war
You that build all the guns
You that build the death planes
You that build all the bombs
You that hide behind walls
You that hide behind desks
I just want you to know
I can see through your masks

You that never done nothing
But build to destroy
You play with my world
Like it’s your little toy
You put a gun in my hand
And you hide from my eyes
And you turn and run farther
When the fast bullets fly

Like Judas of old
You lie and deceive
A world war can be won
You want me to believe
But I see through your eyes
And I see through your brain
Like I see through the water
That runs down my drain

You fasten the triggers
For the others to fire
Then you set back and watch
When the death count gets higher
You hide in your mansion
As young people’s blood
Flows out of their bodies
And is buried in the mud

You’ve thrown the worst fear
That can ever be hurled
Fear to bring children
Into the world
For threatening my baby
Unborn and unnamed
You ain't worth the blood
That runs in your veins

How much do I know
To talk out of turn
You might say that I’m young
You might say I’m unlearned
But there’s one thing I know
Though I’m younger than you
Even Jesus would never
Forgive what you do

Let me ask you one question
Is your money that good
Will it buy you forgiveness
Do you think that it could
I think you will find
When your death takes its toll
All the money you made
Will never buy back your soul

And I hope that you die
And your death will come soon
I will follow your casket
In the pale afternoon
And I’ll watch while you’re lowered
Down to your deathbed
And I’ll stand on your grave
Til I’m sure that you’re dead

"Many a good argument is ruined by some fool who knows what he is talking about."

We all shine on, like the moon, the stars, and the sun. The working class hero should give peace a chance.

Life is a process not a conclusion, hidden in plane sight

The Hope of the Infinite
My hope is in the unharvestable deep
That shows with eve the treasure of the stars
To mournful kings behind their palace-bars,
And wanderers outworn, and boys who weep
A shattered bauble — or above the sleep
Of headsmen, and of men condemned to die,
Pours out the moon's white mercy from on high,
Or hides with clement gloom the hours that creep
Like death-worms to the grave. . . . And I have ta'en
From storming seas by sunset glorified,
Or from the dawn of ashen wastes and wide,
Some light re-gathered from the lamps that wane,
And promise of a translunary Spain
Where loves forgone and forfeit dreams abide.

-Clark Ashton Smith

Submerged in an eternal present
Being as the mystic rhythm should be
Extinction ~ Apocalypse ~ Revelation
Evolution ~ Rebirth ~ Re-veiling
Ouroboros ~ season
Hidden in plane sight

Spanning a vast tesseract, perhaps the future is a shadow of our distant past... I understand how a technological-catastrophe could appear before our intellect as one teleological sequence unfolding through the mind/matter interface. Nonetheless, to state- nothing human makes it out of the future, would seem somewhat presumptuous and inarticulate, since any tool or technology must be an extension or externalization of the biological organism responsible for its manifestation; calling it a catastrophe would be a self-referential conclusion (remember, a perpetual motion or evolution scheme does not produce conclusions.), suggesting that the process of 'being human' has a predefined boundary or limit (qualitative/quantitative preconception). See, if we're in-fact involuntary instruments being played by an omnipresent evolutionary scheme, and our tools create depth inside the existential field of dimensional sensation, I think our future would be very human (proxy/prosthesis), because the tools we create tend to be manifestations of human perception. Also, as far as accelerationism goes- perhaps the 3-dimensional quickening is an active part of an evolutionary unfolding~ing~ing and the hyperspace humans create, through things like the inner-net, produce neo-trajectory patterns which encompass unique space-time relations (trans-dimensional collision of energy/signals/information in evolutionary motion, creating internal/external dialogue through an eternal present called NOW) that reside in a technological noosphere (within) and bleed-through our physical reality (without). It's the relative translation of phenomena, for I am closer to the end than I am to the beginning, because to live is to die and to be is to do, so human emanations flow forward as genetic information in order to restructure consciousness as a new expression of consciousness as we automatically participate in a cosmic 'happening' that must create new folds within its ever-expanding parameters, like a holographic snowball effect, rolling or unfolding indeterminately so it can sustain its primordial consciousness. Alas, how would a human mind realize or rationalize such things when we're consciousness having a human experience, with our observation(s) being limited by the nature of dimensional entanglement? The human mind is a linear operator, practical, and completely enveloped in a polycentric cloud of sensation.

Kaleidoscopic Awareness

As far as the 'surface symptoms' go (things we can investigate through our scientific and technological 'genius'), I for one entertain a more transcendental approach, avoiding the idea that one can fully 'know' or realize the things going on inside this 3D world. What does the reader (other end of intelligence) think about free-will, is it a vector scenario, one involved reaction to the relatively independent positioning of an entity inside space-time? That's my hangup. How does free-will work in a teleological unfolding~ing~ing? Can we stop discovering new ways of obsolescing ourselves or is this scenario our predetermined evolutionary purpose? Are we like sea-turtles crawling toward the ocean, returning to the void or sea-change vortex, living a curious life, from whence we came we shall return?

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

We're fragments of the beginning and the end. How can a fragment of the absolute truth communicate the absolute truth? For ‘we do not come into this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree.' Does a leaf know it's a tree, does the tree know its air, does the air read messages from the sun? These things just 'happen.' Why would any individual expect another individual to know or hold the absolute truth? I believe any intellectual treatise should provide a disclaimer, something like, "this is what I think I know so far." Sea, the royal road we travel goes as far as we're willing & able to travel. My vehicle was manufactured in the 20th century; it has a few miles on it, and I'm slowly running out of fuel. I could siphon some fuel from your vehicle, but that would be immoral. And since I'm not a dark occultist, I'm willing to turn on my headlights and carpool with strangers. Let's ride this dream and wake up together after our one-life stand.

Since our tools/tech create depth in the field of experience, humans are evolving into trans-dimensional entities, what do you think the internet is? Consciousness is the final frontier, because human civilization shall always be about 'mind over matter.' What do you think I mean when I say 'beyond one & zero' (beyond everything and no-thing, beyond individuality as an abstraction), am I miming over dark matter?

Infinite Potential vs Finite Sensibility

Quantum consciousness (remember our tools/tech re-shape our perception due to the nature of the information feed-back loop all 'things' co-inhabit/create together), you know- the 1 and 0 simultaneously (a field of vibratory frequencies weaving reality), will replace dialectical logic (dialectical knowledge will continue to exist as a form of 3D awareness, underneath multi-dimensional logic systems. Think about what occurs when any new technology obsolesces old technology...) binary thought structures or manifestations of binary thought will be malleable and programmable parts, and linear-sequential-orderly thought will be a thing of the past because systems thinking or holistic logic will be able to enter an information 'happening' from any point in the data-sphere and all information shall be available through fully integrated computer knowledge stored in hyperspace. The 3D world will become a malleable playground, due to the bond formed with our artificial hyperspace, humans will be able to simulate a technological form of kaleidoscopic awareness and analyze the potential energy unfolding in the physical/3D world.

This is a revitalizing shift in the space-time continuum. Humans are evolving away from the 3D world-view. As we take that last sentence in... why do you think aliens are so elusive? They aren't physical 3d entities, they're highly evolved multi-dimensional entities. They came out of the universe earlier than us. Anyway, back on point- We're one ever-expanding mind, intellectual property doesn't exist, the political left, the political right, it's all bullshit used to create the illusion of separation inside our 3D environment so people can live and die as slaves to thought (but those thoughts are technically not your thoughts; they're other people's thoughts, it's a self-evident truth), and as thoughts engage a feedback loop, kings of the empire of bullshit make sure to curtail the information inside their kingdom. But whatever, the deceivers of the ancient & accepted empire of bullshit will be going out of business for the rest of human history after telepathy replaces all other forms of primitive-private communication. The hive-mind will be a multi-dimensional SELF-Awareness- expressing the language of the universe- Infinite consciousness.

'In conclusion, there is no conclusion. Things will go on as they always have, getting weirder all the time.'

-One Infinite Love
Poetry is news that stays news...

Poetry is the means of opening the doors of perception on areas of experience otherwise inaccessible.

Pharaonic Portal
Re-gill thy regal roe, spawn pantomorphic mystery
Shakespeare of Destiny, pierce gold mirror sphygmic circum-seer
spellbind seraphic psyche, stitch cyclical stichomancy
smear anointing oil, omnilegent Ray filtrate carnal quintessence

All along the watchtower, purple rain fell
while wild white doves cried red blood cells
Mr. Tambourine Man in his carbonous capsule
landed on the dark side of a blue moon
and painted a nuptial runestone

Paradise to Mare Tranquillitatis, the eagle has fallen,
tis the Marriage of Heaven & Hell,
Sublime Redeemer of the Royal Season,
Transfiguration of Pure Reason,
day & night, darkness to light, black on white
mortal portals block out the Son

Sibilant sialagogue oxidate oscillation
regenerate masquerade, titillate awake,
Passover paschal eggs in alluvial shul
and mine Zion for messianic jewels

Passionate somniloquist with tonic tongue
I'm a geophagous spirit,
microcosm of the cosmic blossom,
so let it be written, so let it be done
water bearer, fruit of lung
dragon slayer, thy kingdom come

Gargantuan terrain-tarantula named Narcissus,
travel up trellis, enter purgatorial chamber
where five rivers-run, past Eve and Atom,
from laggardly lions inking goyim limbs
to Nemesis preparing to fib-again,
rite us a silky image


ear sway heresy
eye see 'I' sea
timeless Truth
touch time

Ophio-circuits synchronize splutter,
stammer Mammon on a jazzy jizz jaunt,
buzz by zZz~E honeypot
desecrate the Rosy Cross

Snide slob slipped on slop,
fizzle azimuth, crypto-wok ↑bob↑ & ↓pop↓
vorticose electrodeo zap-a-ba-ba-zillion Buckingham broncos,
kickstart fratricide somewhere over the electromagnetic rainbow,
invoke giga-goëtia, unleash millimeter-digi-dæmon dreamer,
marrows master builder, cellular skull & bone acoustics

Behold a paleomachic curse!
Wordsmyth slither slyly, suffuse protoplasmic shibboleth
biblioklept distill divination through phonesis
division equills multiplication

Betwixt-text-betwixt-text-betwixt text, onomatomania!
Fishers of men reel in Lilith's sunken treasure tryst,
subaqueous zoo-za-steward, gleeful key-purr o' poly-golliwogs
and gaily gutted g.o.a.t effigies

Collective unconscious, tutan-toof-mew-paws
kepta tooth-nail-crown cream
ta-ta-ta singly etiolate a Psalm leaf
during a palm reading

Faraday DeMolay,
pensive pentacle phishing @ da bardic channel
chortle charms en piezoelectric castle,
das gay-gull fandango defraggle damsel
in distress, Hiram Abiff tossed off a fiscal cliff
by thirty-three Wall Street ruffians

Sonorific journeyman yearns 444
quartz to reinforce diamond-hertz,
multifunctional auxesis ejaculate spermatic mimesis
Father thought impregnate matter, Love is the missing link!
∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞
toggle temporal boondoggle, snicker-me Temple doodles,
fryim ΩONEΩ bicephalous egregore,
flesh in the Word cathedral
minute particulars milking mater's moo-saic

Infinite Love,

-The Universe
By RhetoricThug

A few days ago, I discussed Black & White (form) VS Grey (formlessness), with a friend. We felt divided over the topic, haha. A delicate blend of thought beyond the compressed (neatly wrapped) packages, we call words, and a reflection of a moment captured in the NOW state. After-all, words become worlds, and worlds become words, for communication.

The NOW state is snowballing and fleeting simultaneously, attempting to capture what IS or what has happened, while projecting the future. NOW, this middle state, it's the essential profile of BEING, the interplay or interval we all experience, which we cognitively link together and collectively call TIME. But people fail to remember, you SEE, that TIME (and our energetic expression) is fleeting and snowballing, therefore it is neither here or there, to or fro; IT IS a whirlpool of relative interaction, happening NOW. That's the middle state. Hence why GOD is omnipresent or infinite. The Godhead doesn't have a head, it doesn't have a body, the projection of EVERYTHING is POINT-LESS. :) Forms come out of Formlessness.

Ah, but the speaker and observer doesn't wish to be nullified by such a revelation. Thus we carry on (under its spell, or illusion) as if we're responsible, as a witness, for the passing of this past present and future moment. However, The left exists through the right; The up exists through the down. Everything flows through you and you flow through Everything. IT doesn't involve separation, no compart-MENTALization.

-The Universe

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By Sivad
By RhetoricThug
Love and hate form the tissue of civilization.

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."

Magneto-eidos, information-mediated interactions lie at the interface of ecology and evolution.

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