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Cartertonian wrote:Speaking as a mental health nurse, I'd say 'confused'.

Most mental health problems stem from the tension that exists between our primitive instincts and emotional reasoning and the application of logic and analytical reasoning from our higher brain functions. In other words - a battle between our monkey brain and our human brain.

The story of our species has been one of trying to distance ourselves from the animal kingdom and give primacy to our human brain, but the monkey brain (primarily the amygdala) is still fighting.


Classic amygdala vs pre-frontal cortex confusion! :D

This is a good post.

It's too bad that, despite knowing this with such a clarity of detail and expression, modern psychology continues to glorify what we are now calling "lower brain functions" with things like the legitimization of sex-based personal identities and so-on.
B0ycey wrote:Sounds like hallucingenics to me - which can have long term effects. Your friend could have spiked your drink to share the trip BTW. Or it could be something from your past (reoccurrence). Or maybe you just happened to come across a mushroom field and digressed some funky shit.
No. This experience doesn't match the pharmacological effects of any substance I know of. Maybe DMT, but we continued to walk normally as everything dissolved and there was bright white-ness (alongside my friend's energy silhouette). The chances of such an experience occurring at the same time in two separate individuals (simultaneously, as far as we can reference) doesn't lend support to the use of hallucinogenics (moreover, hallucinogenics rarely affect groups in a synchronized fashion, especially if we're to talk exclusively about the on-set of effects) ... We didn't ingest any drink or food prior to our hike and we hiked land I'm very familiar with. 5 years later we still don't know what happened. Believe me dude, after 5 years of wondering, I've considered short-handed explanations.

Of course, I expect ridicule from strangers on an online discussion forum. :) It's okay.

Here's another thing. When I said my intelligence or awareness increased (I don't know what it did to be honest...), I will intuitively develop what I think are original concepts, only to find the exact same idea(s) in a book or some other technological extension of consciousness (within a reasonable time frame, say few weeks, months, etc). This happens in an obscure and fantastic way, mind you. People share authors or I stumble upon ideas/information elsewhere (through various mediated channels) which align perfectly with my so-called original ideas. Why do you think I emphasize the noosphere, say identity is an abstraction, being present is an information bias, etc. We're enfolded in the unfolding of consciousness, and most people seem to be numb to the fact that a majority of their thoughts are actually pre-programmed packages given to them by everything else in existence. It's like I'm consciously aware of being an amalgamation of information and my task is to find the SOURCE. "We do not learn; and what we call learning is only a process of recollection." -Plato.

Anyone privy to this kind of experience, please send me a PM (just don't gaslight me, if you're a spook).

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