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By Robert Urbanek
The Egyptian sun god Re was usually depicted in human form with a falcon head, crowned with the sun disk encircled by the sacred cobra. Re was said to traverse the sky each day in a solar boat and pass through the underworld each night on another solar barque to reappear in the east each morning. He was said to have created humankind from his own tears and the gods Hu (authority) and Sia (mind) from blood drawn from his penis.

Being in the form of a man, Re grew old. In time men no longer feared him or obeyed his laws. They laughed at him, saying: "Look at Re! His bones are like silver, his flesh like gold, his hair is the color of lapis lazuli!" Re was angry when he heard this, and he was more angry still at the evil deeds which men were doing in disobedience of his laws. So, at the terrible glance from the Eye of Re his daughter Sekhmet came into being, the fiercest of all goddesses. Like a lion she rushed upon her prey, and her chief delight was in slaughter, and her pleasure was in blood. At the bidding of Re, she came into Upper and Lower Egypt to slay those who had scorned and disobeyed him. — The Story of Re

The sun god lives again.

Re grew angry at the evil which men were doing to the planet. Behold the corona, the crown of the sun. Behold the crown of Re, the cobra which spat forth the coronavirus. Men fell and died from the celestial venom. Humanity fled to their homes. Their chariots were stilled, their giant birds fell to the ground and their great ships were stranded at sea. The air and waters were cleansed. Re was pleased and ordered that the venom from his crown fall upon the people every year until men repented and changed their ways.

This is the new Story of Re sent through his messenger. For decades, falcons have guided his way. In dreams he travelled in the barque of Re. A strange affliction drew blood in his urine. The messenger led a modest, childless life and much of mankind will follow. When the falling sun of Re sets in the West, he will be followed by Atum and a night of rest and recovery. Look to Jin in the East.

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