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Heisenberg wrote:Can anyone recommend any good books (i.e. preferably not Orientalist liberal bullshit) on Chinese history? I just realised I know almost nothing about China at all. :lol:

Edit: paging our Dear Leader @Potemkin, since he is essentially a human encyclopedia.

It's amazing how little we know about any countries in the asian continent, besides the ones the USA has gone to war with.
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By Wellsy
Due to hitting a wall with some basic arithmetic(?) im now going to read and study What is Mathematics?,Robbins%5DWhat_Is_Mathematics(2nd_edition_1996)v2.pdf
And already struggling with understanding precisely the formula that shows how a decimal system can be changed into another with a different base for its “10”.
I get the idea, just cant navigate it well just yet.
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By Godstud
I am currently reading the science fiction novel, Iron Gold, by Pierce Brown. It is book 4 of the Red Rising series. I highly recommend them.
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