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By Heisenberg
Godstud wrote:I've been having all my books delivered, after buying them online. No problems.

Ooooh, I'm Godstud, I'm made of money, look at me.


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By Godstud
Buying a $75 worth of books every month is a lot? Ooooh, I must be a 1%er. You know... the 1% who can read. :p

By Pants-of-dog
While I prefer hard copy books, e-books that I can download for free from my local public library are easier in this pandemic.
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By Drlee
Audio books are free from the library. They have an added advantage. If I don't understand the book I can always carry on about the narrator sucking big ones and never have to admit that I didn't understand the book.
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By jimjam
Hitler In Argentina by Harry Cooper

President Harry Truman asked Soviet leader Josef Stalin at the Potsdam conference in 1945 if Hitler was dead. Stalin simply said, "No."
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