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Tainari88 wrote:The list is vast with writers. Since I am a woman and Latin American I like Latin American women authors. One of the most famous is Isabel Allende, the Chilean writer who lives in San Francisco, California and is married to an Anglo American writer of crime stories or detective stories. She wrote such novels translated into English such as: Daughter of Fortune,The House of the Spirits, Paula--Paula moved me a lot. It is about her daughter who in her twenties fell ill and slipped into a coma for a year before dying. During that year, Isabel Allende would read to her and speak to her about everything, family stories, her past, and all that she could tell her daughter hoping to be able to bring her back to life, it was a type of catharsis for her and it is so moving, I cried many days after finishing her book. It is really about loss, and how we lose loved ones,and we feel pain and grief, and break apart spiritually losing them. Her daughter was gone, and yet the process of remembering Paula kept her alive. It is a very, very beautiful book.

Hi, Tainari! Thank you for asking, as well as giving examples regarding some of your favorite Latin American authors, poets, artists and painters!

I'm a Latin American author, as my birth father is from Mexico. For access to my writings, see the following resources:

* Jamie Michelle, "My Creative and Biographical Writings", Jamie Michelle's Blog, Sept. 28, 2022, ... -writings/ , , ... -writings/ .

* James Redford, "Curriculum Vitæ of James Redford", Internet Archive, Jan. 17, 2022, 2 pp., ark:/13960/t6g19878v, ... -Vitae.pdf , ... cp4p8g.pdf , ... -vitae-pdf .

Enjoy, everyone!

* * * * *

Pertaining to my Mexican heritage, here's my uncle (my birth father's brother), known as the Godfather of Tejano Music:

* "Manuel 'Cowboy' Donley", 2014 NEA National Heritage Fellow, NEA National Heritage Fellowships (National Endowment for the Arts), ... boy-donley , ... boy-donley , .

And here's a neat video of my uncle:

* "Cowboy Donley", East Austin Stories ( ), Aug. 7, 2009

Mirrors: , ... tmsyfp.mp4 .

Also see:

* Kevin Curtin, "Tejano Innovator Manuel 'Cowboy' Donley Passes at 92: 'We took romantic boleros and put in an orchestra background'", Austin Chronicle, June 28, 2020, ... ses-at-92/ , , .

Requiescat in pace, uncle Cowboy Donley! (Born July 26, 1927--died June 28, 2020.)
I have only one Spanish book. It’s called “Cuentos de amor de locura y de muerte” (Stories of love of madness and of death), by Uruguaian short-story writer (among others) Horacio Quiroga. As the title shows it’s quite sinister. (I know this because I read the Dutch translation, still need to learn Spanish some day).
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