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By cauchy3
Loves and laws…
Loves will bend and loves have bench.
Bet my Betty loves in tents.
Hold to be the looks for best.
Men have chances are better rest.

Money ranks are fruits are trees.
Smart will pay our simple fees.
Wealth is ill to get but smart.
Heads and mouth are loving arts.

Love our smart as captain grand.
Roles of sexes are loves with DAN..
Strong and active all can love.
All the ways to banks have laughs.

Beauty trades are good to buy.
Dance on beds are happy guys.
Cat is fat and ranks are dirt.
Tyrants’ ways are bad from birth.

Peking models sexes have BIO.
Loves as cats or dogs that mind.
Model BIO are teacher pets.
Free are open active sexes.

Jonny cash are PEKING MISS.
Greenish books are secret means.
Some are secret agents tools.
Goble crimes are gods as told.
--------Cheung Shun sang=Cauchy3---------

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