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By repr0bate

There's no real rules here apart from one:

- Try and add something to the thread. There's no point in simply saying 'it sucks' or 'crap'. No one wants to see that except you. I reserve the right to delete any comments that fall into this category. Criticism doesn't have to be positive by any means, but at least justify it.


- There is a no pornography rule on pofo, a lot of art may blur the lines between the two. I'll make a judgement on the content, if you have a problem; take it to the basement.

- Try not to throw off the page formatting. This isn't enforced, but where possible try to refrain from posting images that throw off the formatting as it's just annoying. An estimate is a maximum of 450 pixels wide. Don't resize the original image as this can often warp it, but post a thumbnail or link if possible.

- Watch out for copyrights. Provide a link or source to credit any material you post if possible.
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