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By Potemkin
I found this on t'internet, and I just thought I would share it.... :)

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By fuser
It seems like I will have to make notes for this one.
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By Potemkin
fuser wrote:It seems like I will have to make notes for this one.

Nah, just read it twice. Lol.
By Pants-of-dog
Most sci-fi authors simply have cool sciency ideas, and are decent writers, but are not good writers.

Iain M. Banks was a very good writer.
By skinster
Re-read James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time because it's great and because I wanted something slim/small for a recent trip to London. Today I started the Why We Sleep book written by a neuroscientist that I mentioned in my last post, hopefully it'll encourage me to sleep more, even though I feel like right now I sleep the most I've ever done (7-9 hours, usually broken about once/twice tho). Alongside that I bought Bell Hook's All About Love and Youssef El-Gingihy's How to Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps (which I'll likely read over the weekend as it's another slim book that won't take too much space on my travels).
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