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SpecialOlympian wrote:Hong Wu, do AMERICAN charities even accept the renminbi you earn as a bullshit, no barriers to entry other than speaking english, english teach in China?

Because, as far as I can remember, you told a lot of embarrassing stories about how you were fired for being bad at "computer work" for a Democrat before you ran to the RNC and were told to fuck off because you weren't prepared to answer the question of, "Why do you want to work for us for free?"

"Uh.... spite?"


You confused that story, which is good, I find it kind of disturbing when internet people indicate that they can remember fine details about my stories. I never worked for Democrats. As for working for people for free, I believe that was called friendship once upon a time. ;)

I don't really believe in barriers to entry, if someone can do a job you should probably let them do it amirite.
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