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Good thing Trump doesn't have a foundation, and that if he had one there would be nothing suspicious about it. Like, for example, paying for personal expenses with checks from your foundation's account.

Just loving how everyone is basing it on the assumption of, "I don't need evidence you just KNOW she did it! Meanwhile, Donald J. Trump is the most altruistic and honest man alive. I just know it in my heart and in my bulging pants."

Btw Albert, I know investing/finance and not tax law. I can calculate cap gains, step up a cost basis, split a trust, calculate RMD for an inherited IRA, etc. but that's only because it's tax law relating to my line of work.
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The difference is Trump will build a wall, yet the granny for all her virtue signalling will just go on towing the same line as her husband did. Trump promises more for poors like me.

Well I worked for accounting firm, you can do magic once you start cooking books and you know what you are doing.
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Albert wrote:The difference is Trump will build a wall, yet the granny for all her virtue signalling will just go on towing the same line as her husband did. Trump promises more for poors like me.

For Trump poor white-nationalists such as yourself are just useful idiots:

“I don’t want to energize the group, and I disavow the [white-nationalist] group,” Trump said at a meeting with a group of New York Times journalists, in response to a question from the newspaper’s executive editor, Dean Baquet.
Apparently SO mocked me the other day for holding a presumption that "information is relative to other information". I sure feel put in my place!

Other developments: this story doesn't appear to have gone anywhere recently because keeping an unknown amount of private security contractors on for undisclosed job(s) at an undisclosed time is fake news.
There is no point looking at the books, it will look fully legit on paper. It is when you walk to the parking lot and see if all the 10 vehicles written off as "company expenses", are still all there. Then you know the answer. Otherwise you will never know, purchase receipts will all be there, mantaince cost and gas expenses. But what auditor gets off his ass and actually goes to see the companies parking lot? I dont think they even have legal authority to do that. They usually check the books at companie's accounting office, which in this case will be another third party company not present at the actual Clinton's head office. No one will know any better.

With large organization like that deals in millions they dont even look at all the books, they randomly check around 10% or so, as practically there is no time to check all of it for every such large company. If they find discrepancies in those 10% then they only thoroughly looks through everything.

These type of tax free "charities" are usually used to siphon money, that is why they are set up. I doubt it was set up out of the goodness of Clintons' hearts. I dont know why Clintons were brazen enough to pay for their daughters wedding with it. But it seems that information came not through the books but through emails and some other third party.

But say hi when you see Clinton's daughter drives in that new "Clinton's Foundation" car.
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I find it amusing that this thread has focused entirely on a Clinton meme instead of looking at the fact that Trump is spending more on security and getting more risks, when he would be safer at a lower price if he just went with the Secret Service.

Who pays for this force anyway?
Sabbaticus, I can't believe you believe that happy crappy. About Clinton having gotten that campaign money from backers of the 911 attack. Obviously, some right-winger has taken something with little or no element of truth to it and spun it into silliness. It never ceases to amaze me how many conservatives have no capacity for critical thinking. I'm sure that you, somewhere in your head, know the claim is bogus.
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